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A giant virus has been discovered with its own immune system. French scientists found these giant virus defence mechanisms work in a similar way to the CRISPR-Cas system, whereby the virus learns to recognise invaders, capture their genetic material and use this information to destroy them.

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Tickling is a self defence mechanism against creeping insects like spiders and mosquitoes. Not only does light tickling not make us laugh, it draws attention to the spot where you feel it.

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  1. Sea cucumbers spit out their internal organs via their anus as a defence mechanism

  2. The coral snake farts as a defence mechanism.

  3. There is a type of beetle that's called the bombardier, which can eject a poisonous chemical spray as hot as 100°C as a defence mechanism.

  4. When you tickle a Slow Loris and it puts its arms up, looking like it loves it, its actually terrified and collecting venom from a gland in its elbow as a defence mechanism

  5. About a Russian Alchemist who injected his sperm into a chicken egg and created a homunculus which has evolved an eye, a heart, teeth, and even the ability to use electric waves as a defence mechanism.

  6. The formation of pearls in molluscs are an adaptive immune system defence mechanism to parasites or shell damage.

  7. There are plankton which use bioluminescence as a defence mechanism to disorientate predators (x-posted from r/WhatMakesUsHappy)

  8. The Japanese Honey Bee has evolved a brutal defence mechanism against the petrifying Giant Hornet. The bees essentially swarm a single Hornet and cook it to death.

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