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Light-induced movement of leaves has a goal to increase absorption of light. Sound-induced movement of leaves remains a mystery. One of the potential explanations is that movement of leaves can ward off insects and potential predators (various herbivores).

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While Rattle Snakes evolved their rattles to ward of predators, they are now evolving to be silent to ward of a more dangerous predator; humans.

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what did the celts burn to ward off evil spirits?

  1. Carrier crabs have specially modified back legs that can grasp onto objects ranging from pieces of shells to debris to living creatures like sea urchins. The sea urchin's spines help ward off predators that may try to eat the crab. In exchange, the sea urchin gains access to new feeding grounds.

  2. Several species of African Vultures (like the most common, the White-backed Vulture) are currently critically endangered due to human farmers poisoning dead livestock in an effort to ward off mammalian predators like hyenas and lions but unintentionally decimate vulture populations as well.

  3. Parasitic wasps can turn ladybirds into "zombie" guards for their offspring, using poison to make the victims twitch and grasp to ward off predators. 25% of these ladybirds later recover.

  4. Tentacles of sea anemones contain harpoon-like stinging capsules called nematocysts that the anemones employ to capture prey and ward off predators. In a yet-to-be resolved biological mystery, clownfish have mucus on their skin that somehow protects them against the sting of their host anemone

  5. There's an incest that wards off predators by pulling off some killer Kung Fu moves. The insect is aptly named the Kung Fu Mantis.

  6. There are some species of spiders from different parts of the world has the ability to build replicas or decoy spiders on their webs made out of jungle debris, insecr corpses or their own skin as a mean to ward of potential predators.

  7. Turkey vultures possess nostrils the same diameter as their claws so they can easily scoop out the dead flesh. They also pee down their legs to ward off bugs during feeding, throw up on their young to drive away nearby predators, and don't have a voice box.

  8. When an Acacia Tree gets attacked it releases an astringent compound that leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of attacking animals or insects. When this happens, surrounding Acacia trees detect the airborne scent and begin to produce the compound in abundance to ward off predators.

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What did the celts burn to ward off evil?

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