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The Titanic's coal stores had been burning for weeks before she set sail, damaging the starboard side of the ship where the iceberg hit. There was not only a cover-up, but evidence that the fire damaged the hull enough to be a large contributing factor to why the iceberg caused such damage.

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Starboard means "steer"board, which is the side of the steering oar on the right side since most people are right-handed. Naturally in that case, the left-side will be where you dock with the "Port".

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  1. When filming the movie Titanic they only built the port side of the ship. Scenes showing the starboard side were flipped in post production. As a result of this everything on the starboard side of the ship, from lettering to the buttons on costumes, had to be backwards during filming.

  2. 14 years prior to Titanic sinking, the book Futility told the story of an unsinkable ship "Titan" which also struck an iceberg on it's starboard side in the North Atlantic on an April night. The fictitious ship closely matched the Titanic's length, weight, speed, capacity, and lack of lifeboats.

  3. The 'Chinese Fire Drill' was coined when a British officer miscommunicated instructions to his Chines crew, resulting in them pulling water from the starboard side and immediately dumping it on the port side, completely bypassing the 'putting out the fire' step.

  4. The boat's right side is referred to as the starboard side.

  5. The boat's width at the widest point from starboard to port side is called its beam.

  6. On a ship, port is on the left because that was the side you dock on and starboard is a mashup of two old english words that meant the steering side.

  7. When one of the first aircraft carriers was designed (HMS Argus), the superstructure was postponed on the starboard side due to the tendency of propeller driven aircraft to veer to the left on takeoff due to torque. This arrangement has not changed since.

  8. Starboard is named after the old english words for "steer" and "side of the boat because most sailors were right handed, so the steering oar was on the right side

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The 'port' side of a ship was originally called the 'larboard', meaning loading side in Old English. It was changed by the Royal Navy in 1844 because of confusion between the larboard and starboard.

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