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John Smith was a pirate, beheaded three Turks in jousting matches while fighting for the Holy Roman Army, and was enslaved in Russia until he escaped by killing his master. He did all this before he set sail for present day Virginia, United States.

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The Titanic's coal stores had been burning for weeks before she set sail, damaging the starboard side of the ship where the iceberg hit. There was not only a cover-up, but evidence that the fire damaged the hull enough to be a large contributing factor to why the iceberg caused such damage.

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  1. The record for passengers on a ship was set in WW2 by the Queen Mary: 16,082. The ocean liner was so fast it often sailed without escort and could outrun both submarines and torpedoes

  2. The British captured an American ship, set it on fire, and sailed it over the Niagara Falls.

  3. After the American Civil War, some 7,000 Confederates set sail for Brazil. Their Dixie-loving descendants represent one of the most curious cultures in the modern world.

  4. In 1825 the Baron of Renfrew, one of the largest wooden ships ever built, set sail from Anse du Fort, Quebec to London, England. Her mission, to be scrapped for wood on arrival in order to exploit a loophole in British lumber tariffs. She sunk 650 miles offshore.

  5. The record fastest voyage from Hong Kong to New York by sailing ship was set at 74 days in 1849, and remained unbroken for 154 years. The record was beaten in 2003 by two days.

  6. When Millvina Dean (the last remaining survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic) died, she was cremated, and her ashes were scattered from where the Titanic set sail.

  7. Tom Cruise was sailing on his yacht off the coast of Capri and saw a sinking sailboat in flames. He immediately set sail toward the incident and pulled the five victims to safety.

  8. When Captain James Cook became the first European to set foot in Hawaii in 1779 his arrival coincided with an annual festival honouring a god. Since the natives had never seen white men or massive sailing ships like Cook’s, they assumed he was their deity and lavished him with feasts and gifts

  9. Juan Ponce de Leon set sail again to return to Puerto Rico. He then began to search again for the island Bimini where he believed he would find the fountain of youth.

  10. In 1521 Juan Ponce de Leon set sail for the last time, again searching for Bimini. His crew of 200 men landed in Florida once again. Many of his crew and himself were wounded by the Native American's arrows.

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He set sail in August of 1492. It was 35 days before a sailor spotted land.

According to the controversial letter dated May 10th, 1497, Amerigo Vespucci set sail on his first expedition with a fleet of Spanish ships.

In 1497 John Cabot set off again on a second expedition. He sailed aboard the Matthew, named after his wife Matea, in a more northerly route than had been taken before by Christopher Columbus. Columbus had found islands further south and mistakenly claimed them to be India.

In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon set sail with three ships (Santa Maria, Santiago, and San Cristobal) and a crew of approximately 200. They reached Florida in April, naming the new land "Pascua de Florida", which means "feast of flowers".

In 2005 Michael Blackburn, an Olympic medalist, crossed Bass Strait in a sailing dinghy in just over 13 hours, setting a record.

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Rudyard Kipling's job at the newspaper ended in 1889 when he was fired over an argument, and he took his six-month's salary and set sail for England.

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The King granted Francisco Pizarro's request and he set sail with Hernando Pizarro, his brother, and continued to explore South America.

Beatriz's father Diogo introduced Ferdinand Magellan to the Spanish court so he could tell them about his idea to set sail to prove the world was round.

When he set sail for the expedition, he was given three ships by the city of Palos.

The Welsh (Probably) settled in the USA 300 years before Columbus set sail

On June 10th, 1503 Amerigo Vespucci set sail again, this time with the Portuguese flag. No new discoveries were made and he returned to Portugal in 1504.

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A replica of the Titanic is scheduled to set sail in 2018

In 1620, the Pilgrims originally set sail for the New World on two boats -- the Mayflower and the Speedwell -- but the Speedwell had to turn back to England for repairs.

Canadian singer Grimes once sailed down the Mississippi River in a DIY houseboat loaded with live chickens and 20 lbs of potatoes. The engine failed soon after setting sail and they spent three weeks gliding downstream, trying to fix the engine and dodge police.

The first swimming pool ever to go to sea had been installed on Titanic’s sister ship, Olympic, which set sail a year before the Titanic

Ferdinand Magellan's voyage was approved and financed by young King Charles I and on August 10th, 1519 he set sail with five ships of 270 men aboard.

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When the Mayflower set sail for America it was accompanied by another ship called the Speedwell. After sprouting a few leaks the Speedwell stayed behind.

Le Rodeur' - a French slave ship that set sail with captured Africans in 1819 - had such dire conditions onboard that the entire crew and human cargo of 182, bar one, became infected and lost their eyesight at sea. Reports of the tragedy inspired a world renowned anti-slavery poem.

In 1498 John Cabot set sail again with five ships but his ships and crew were all lost at sea.

The new USS Enterprise (CVN-80) goes into service in 2025 it will be the first American Aircraft carrier not named after a person since the USS America (CV-66) set sail in 1965.

In 1898, author Morgan Robertson wrote a novella centered around an 'unsinkable' ship named 'Titan' that was the largest to ever set sail. She met her fate after hitting an iceberg on a night in April. The novella was published 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic on April 14th, 1912.

By watching Black Sails, how ships measured their speed with a spool of rope with knots tied in set intervals, and timed by an hourglass. The number of knots that passed in the short time of the hourglass was the speed.

Three Israeli naval vessels were ordered to set sail for drills with the US and Italian navies off the Italian coast, only to be informed at dawn that their commander pranked them for April Fool’s Day.

The Titanic had enough room for 60+ lifeboats, but only set sail with 20.

In 1854 the clipper ship, "Flying Cloud", set the world's sailing record by traveling from New York City to San Francisco in just 89 days. That record wasn't broken until over a century later in 1989.

In 1609 Sir George Somers was sailing to Virginia a hurricane made him deliberately crash the Sea Venture into a coral reef of an uninhabited Bermuda saving all 150 sailors. After 10 months and 2 new ships they set sail for Virginia but left 2 guys behind to claim the island for London.

Mary Seacole a Jamaican-born nurse who applied to join Florence Nightingale in Crimea, but was turned down due to her race. Instead of giving up, Seacole sailed to the Crimea at her own expense and set up a hotel to tend to sick and wounded soldiers.

In 1488, 4 years before Columbus set sail, Bartolomeu Dias sailed around Africa thus proving a theoretical route to Asia which Vasco Da Gama reached 10 years later in 1498.

Tom Cruise was sailing in his yacht in 1996 and spotted a sinking sailboat in flames. He immediately set sail toward the accident and pulled the five victims to safety.

Author Morgan Robertson predicted the sinking of the Titanic - down to the month, speed, number of lifeboats, location, and manner of crash. He did all of this in a book called The Wreck of the Titan 14 years before the Titanic ever set sail.

On this day, 26 April in 1956, an aging tanker ship called the Ideal-X set sail from Newark to Houston carrying 58 aluminum containers. The container industry is born. Father: Malcom McLean

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