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A law professor discovered a quirk in the law that makes murder technically legal in a 50 sq mile, remote section of Yellowstone National Park. He alerted Congress about the loophole and even wrote draft legislation to close the loophole. Congress has yet to act.

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Denver Int'l Airport (at 53 sq miles) is larger than Manhattan, San Francisco & Miami and is the 2nd largest airport in the world.

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  1. There is a 50 sq. mile area of the U.S. within Yellowstone National Park dubbed the "Zone of Death." Legal scholars assert that due to certain technicalities involving finding a suitable jury, a person could potentially murder someone and not have to stand trial.

  2. Only 1.38% of Little Boy, the bomb that fell on Hiroshima, fissioned. Yet is still had a blast radius of 4.4 sq. miles.

  3. The Hudson's Bay Company, now a Canadian department store, is 347 years old and once controlled 3,000,000 sq. miles of land.

  4. The entire population of California (38M) is more than the entire country of Canada (35M), with California only having 163,000 sq. miles to Canada's 3.85 million sq. miles.

  5. The power plants at Chernobyl didn't stop producing power for Ukraine till 2000. 14 years after the biggest nuclear disaster ever creating a 1000 sq mile exclusion zone.

  6. For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, one of the stadiums is being built in the northern district of Ash-Shamal (348 sq. miles), with a population less than 8,000 people. The stadium being built seats 45,330 people.

  7. The two Matrix sequels were so reliant on digital effects that they used a total of 8 square kilometres (3 sq. miles) of greenscreen

  8. In the US west of Washington DC there's a National Radio Quiet Zone - 13,000 square miles (34,000 sq km) of radio silence where cellphones are banned

  9. Angkor, the capital of the Khmer empire, was the largest city in the world during the middle ages. At 1,350 sq. miles, it was bigger than modern day NYC and Tokyo combined.

  10. In 1908, a meteor exploded over Siberia and flattened over 770 sq miles (2000 km) of forests. Though it disintegrated ~3 miles above Earth, it created an airburst with 1000x more energy than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Incredibly, only 3 people were killed.

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During the peak of Japan's 1980s real estate bubble, the Imperial palace grounds in the middle of downtown Tokyo (3.4 sq km/ 1.3 sq miles) was estimated to be worth more than all the real estate in California combined.

The deadliest day of bombing in history was the Tokyo Air Raid during WWII. Over 100k people, mostly civilians, died when US forces dropped incendiary bombs on Tokyo neighborhoods. 16 sq miles were leveled and over 1 million were left homeless. - source

By 1920 the British Empire held influence over 412 million people and 13.7 million sq miles. That's 23% of the world population and 24% of the earth. - source

Kosmos 954, a Soviet nuclear recconaissance satellite that reentered the atmosphere along with its 50kg Uranium core, scattering debris over northern Canada. After 10 months, $6 million CAD, and covering 50,000 sq. miles, an American-Canadian team failed to recover 99.9% of the Uranium fuel.

The largest living organism on Earth is a honey fungus, it coveres an area of 3.7 sq miles and is between 1,900 and 8,650 years old. - source

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A "Man of the Hole", the last surviving member of a unique tribe that was massacred by settlers in Brazil. 31 sq miles of land around him are now off-limits to trespassing and development.

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Even though Canada is larger in total area than the United States, much of that area is water, and the US actually occupies slightly more land area in North America than Canada does; about 26,000 sq miles (68,500sq km).

Dhaka, Bangladesh has a population density up to 4,210 per acre (2.7 million per sq mile, 1 million per sq km) in some of its slums. This is like cramming 3.7 billion people into Washington DC.

A natural gas drilling operation in 2006 triggered a still-erupting mud volcano that's buried a 3 sq. mile area of Indonesia in 60 feet of mud

89049, a rural ZIP code in NV is the largest in area in the US, clocking in at 10,000 sq miles, slightly smaller than Massachusetts.

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There exists East Ural Radioactive Nature Reserve, 64 sq miles radioactive exclusion zone in the middle of Russia, created as a result of 1957 Kyshtym nuclear disaster, that was kept secret until 1989.

The state of Texas sold off nearly 1000 square miles, but kept it anyway. They sold a total of 98,300 sq. miles in the Compromise of 1850, but surveying errors placed the new border in the wrong place. This land west of the agreed-upon border was never returned to New Mexico.

The Sahara desert is bigger than the entirety of the contiguous USA. The Sahara has an area of 9,400,000 km2 (3,600,000 sq mi) , while the 48 contiguous states have an area of 7,663,941.7 km2 (2,959,064.44 square miles).

The Great Flood of 1862, the largest flood in the recorded history of the Western United States. California's Central Valley (6,000 sq. miles) was underwater at depths up to 30ft., leaving newly installed telegraph lines submerged. The flood reached far inland to Idaho and western New Mexico.

Mount Fuji has a 14 sq mile forest 'Aokigahara' that is considered the most haunted location in all of Japan. The spot is also a popular place for suicides, and even has signs that tell people to reconsider their actions.

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Miami planned to build the largest airport in the world in the middle of the Everglades. It would cover 39 sq miles, connected to both Miami & the Gulf Coast by freeway & monorail. The project was cancelled after only 1 runway was built, that runway today is used to train pilots.

Albania is absolutely littered with concrete bunkers, around 175,000 of them, or around 15 per sq mile. They were intended to aid in guerrilla warfare if the country was invaded, though most are now derelict.

Mt Athos in Greece is the largest land area on earth (335sq km/130 sq mile) that women are banned from entering.

The largest annual flood in the world occurs in the Pantanal region, between Brazil and Bolivia, up to 81,000 sq miles, or the state of Utah.

The United Kingdom is smaller in size than the state of Oregon. (93k sq miles vs 98k sq miles)

Increase in nutrients from discharged waste lead to an algal bloom, named 'The Blob', which almost threatened the sailing events of Beijing Olympics to cancellation before the authorities inspired the locals to pitch in to clear the algae which had spread over an area of 5000 sq. miles.

Capillaries provide a total surface area of 1,000 sq. miles for exchange of materials in the body. Comparatively, Fort Irwin, a major training area for the United States military, has a total area of 996.05 sq. miles.

The City of London itself has only 7,375 inhabitants and an area of 1.12 square miles (2.9 sq km)

About the kingdom of Torgu- A 48.8 sq mile micronation in the SW corner of Estonia. It had its own King, flag, coat of arms(a snail dragon) and it's own currency-the Kirill(exchange rate was 1 Kirill=price of half litre Vodka). Also, the nation was created due to a clerical error.

During the height of the 1980s Japanese property bubble, the Imperial Japanese palace grounds, which are only 1.32 sq miles, were valued by some as more than the value of all the real estate in the state of California.

The Aral Sea ecological disaster - In an attempt to prop up agriculture in the desert, the USSR diverted rivers that fed the world's 4th largest freshwater lake and effectively drained it from a surface area of >26,000 square miles to just 1300 sq mi. The ecosystem was totally destroyed.

Kraken Mare, at 400,000 sq km (~150,000 sq miles) is the largest known lake in the Universe, located on Saturn's moon Titan and mostly made of liquid methane.

Cape Coral, a master-planned city in South Florida with a population of 154k people in an area of 120 sq-mi, has over 400 miles of canals, more than any other city in the world (over 10x that of Venice)

The only incorporated territory of the United States is Palmyra Atoll, an unoccupied 5 sq. mile piece of land 3400 miles from its nearest continent that is subject to all provisions of the U.S. Constitution and is permanently under American sovereignty.

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