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The bishop of Orlando is also bishop of the moon, due to a canon law that says "any newly discovered territory would fall under the bishopric from whence the discovering expedition departed." His is therefore the largest Catholic diocese, at over 14,000,000 square miles.

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In 1913, Hitler, Freud, Tito, Stalin, and Trotsky all lived within 2 square miles of each other in Vienna

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  1. Gold is an inert noble metal as it does not react with other elements. It is the most malleable and ductile of all known metals. An ounce of gold can be beaten into a sheet measuring 300 square feet or stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long.

  2. There are 4 million square miles of fertile land in Africa that can't be cultivated because tsetse flies keep killing farm animals

  3. For nearly a century, the French have prohibited entry into an area of more than 460 square miles because there is an almost impossible amount of ammunition and dead bodies to recover from the battlefield's of World War One. The area is called "Zone Rouge", and much of it is still off limits

  4. A Woman in Oregon started a wildfire to give some work to her bored firefighter friends. Eventually, the fire, named as the Sunnyside Turnoff wildfire, spread to about 80 square miles β€” 51,000 acres β€” costing nearly $8 million to fight and took two months to bring under complete control.

  5. New Jersey is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world

  6. There is a mushroom in Oregon that is roughly 2,400 years old, and has a root system that covers over three square miles of land.

  7. During Tokyo's property bubble the grounds of the Imperial Palace (1.32 square miles) were valued higher than the entirety of the real estate in California

  8. A solar power plant in the Mohave Desert uses five square miles of mirrors to concentrate sunbeams on one central tower. It also incinerates about 6,000 birds a year.

  9. Anchorage, Alaska covers nearly 2,000 square miles, making it about the size of the state of Delaware.

  10. The largest living organism is a fungus that covers 3.7 square miles in Oregon's Blue Mountains. The fungus, armillaria ostoyae, could be as old as 8650 years.

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square miles fact data chart about Cow-density (cows per square mile) in Nebraska counties
Cow-density (cows per square mile) in Nebraska counties

square miles fact data chart about Land the Mongol Empire controlled in square miles
Land the Mongol Empire controlled in square miles

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That, at 63,800,000 square miles, the Pacific Ocean is larger than all of Earth's land area combined.

In the Bible, The New Testament mentions that from Heaven will descend an enormous city named New Jerusalem made of "pure gold, like clear glass" and gives its specific dimensions, 1.9 million square miles. If rested on the Earth, its ceiling would be inside the exosphere. - source

Johnny Cash nearly destroyed an entire species. When Johnny Cash's truck overheated and went up in flames, he decided to step aside instead of call for help. As a result, a square mile of the forest was burned and 50% of the California Condors bird species were killed. He was fined $82,000 - source

Palau announced it would create the world's first shark sanctuary banning commercial shark fishing. The sanctuary protects about 230,000 square miles of ocean. Palau received the Future Policy Award from World Future Council, because "Palau is a global leader in protecting marine ecosystems.”

In 1875 a swarm of 12.5 trillion locusts covering 198,000 square miles and weighing 27.5 million tons descended upon the Great Plains, devouring all plant life in their path. Farmers that tied to shoo them away had the clothes eaten right off their bodies. - source

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People who believe they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) have relocated to a 13,000 square mile US Radio Quiet Zone where wireless is banned to prevent interference with radio telescopes.

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Walt Disney World is 40 square miles, making it the same size as San Francisco and 2x the size of Manhattan.

In 1913, Hitler, Freud, Tito, Stalin, and Trotsky all lived within 2 square miles of each other in Vienna

Lake Okeechobee, despite being Florida's largest freshwater lake and covering an area of 730 square miles, has an average depth of just 9 feet.

Buffalo Commons is a conceptual proposal to create a vast nature preserve by returning 139,000 square miles of the Great Plains to native prairie, and by reintroducing the American bison.

New Jersey has more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere in the world

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Meteorites Per 100,000 Square Miles In Each State, made in GIMP

square miles fact infographic about Recorded Meteorites Per 100,000 Square Miles In each state.

Recorded Meteorites Per 100,000 Square Miles In each state. Made in GIMP

When did the tiananmen square massacre occur?

In 1440 a clerical error accidentally gave independence to a square mile of Italy, forming an anarchist republic that lasted over four hundred years.

There are 4 million square miles of fertile land in Africa that can't be cultivated because tsetse flys keep killing farm animals.

Underneath Beijing there is a city spanning 33 square miles called Dixia Cheng. It was built in the 1970's due to rising tensions between China and the Soviet Union.

China built the world's biggest air purifier, a tower that's 328 feet high and has helped to reduce smog over almost 4 square miles

There is a 13,000-square-mile area in West Virginia where cell phones and Wi-FI are banned.

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A total of 130,000 square miles of land in Russia, or an area slightly larger than New Mexico if put together, is designated a "Zapovednik", a strict nature reserve where access for humans is severely restricted, and in many cases completely banned (apart from wildlife researchers).

In 1987, a 19-year old West German named Matthias Rust landed a small plane in Red Square in Moscow. With a combination of luck and human error, he flew over 500 miles from Helsinki, evading the largest air defense system in the world. He told Soviet authorities he was on a peace mission.

World biggest living organism is a specimen of honey fungus known as "Humongous Fungus". It grows beneath a forest in Oregon and have been growing for some 2,400 years, covering 3.4 square miles.

In 2008, the largest rain-forest in southern Africa was discovered in Mozambique using Google Earth. It is 27 square miles and due to its isolated location, new species are often found there.

The two Matrix sequels were so reliant on digital effects that they used a total of 8 square kilometres (3 sq. miles) of greenscreen

Kowloon Walled City -- a bygone, ungoverned Chinese city with a population density of over 3 million people per square mile

You could provide enough electricity for the whole of Mexico with one 16 square mile solar farm located in the Mexican desert

There is a quiet zone located in Virginia and West Virginia, nearly 13,000 square miles in size, where radio transmissions are strongly restricted by law, to the point of having a patrol that goes around and forces you to shut off anything that emits radio waves.

There are currently 13,000 snakes PER SQUARE MILE in Guam after the invasive species of Brown Tree Snakes were introduced there in the 1940's.

In the US west of Washington DC there's a National Radio Quiet Zone - 13,000 square miles (34,000 sq km) of radio silence where cellphones are banned

A typical four square mile patch of rainforest contains as many as 1500 species of flowering plants, 750 species of trees, 125 mammal species, 400 species of birds, 100 of reptiles, 60 of amphibians, and 150 different species of butterflies.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida covers 40 Square miles, the same size as San Francisco. In 1963, Disney paid prices as low as $180 per acre for the land, buying under psuedo corporations. When sellers heard it was Disney buying the land, prices escalated as high as $80,000 per acre.

In only 1 1/2 months a huge crack developed in the Antarctic ice shelf, and it’s likely to break apart in the next few months, setting free about 2,300 square miles of ice into the sea.

The Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, GE is the largest factory in the world at 2.5 square miles in size

England has more tornadoes per square mile than any other country in the world

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