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A fundamental limit exists on the amount of information that can be stored in a given space: about 10^69 bits per square meter. Regardless of technological advancement, any attempt to condense information further will cause the storage medium to collapse into a black hole.

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A German graffiti artist painted a 250 square meter bridge to make it look like it was made out of Lego.

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  1. "Doctors can use the foreskins of circumcised infants to grow skin for burn victims. Just one foreskin can create 23,000 square meters of skin"

  2. The largest cashew tree in the world was planted by a fisherman in Brazil, genetic anomalies made the branches grow sideways, it now spans 7500 square meters and financially supports upwards of 1500 people.

  3. There is a tree in India whose canopy covers 3.7 acres (14,5000 square meters) in area making it the widest tree in the world.

  4. The Pascha is a 12 story 9,000 square meter brothel in Cologne, Germany. With about 120 prostitutes, over 80 employees and up to 1000 customers per day, it is the largest brothel in Europe

  5. The Iran Mall is the world's largest shopping mall. It features a fashion avenue, a diamond and crystal atrium, three food courts with more than 200 restaurants, and a 3,300 square meter book garden with 67,000 volumes of books

  6. 1 gram of activated charcoal has approximately 1,000 square meters of surface area.

  7. A company called What3Words created a grid of 54 trillion 3x3 meter squares given a 3 word address designation covering the globe. It's used as a work around for parts of the world with tricky or no addresses and can be used to specify which door in a building a package should be sent to.

  8. Because Amsterdam’s soil consists of a thick layer of fen and clay, all buildings are built on wooden poles that are fixed in a sandy layer that is 11 meters deep on average. The Royal Palace at Dam Square is built on no less than 13,659 wooden poles.

  9. The cosmetics company L'Oreal grows approximately five square meters of human skin per year (derma farming) to be used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing.

  10. Highly porous charcoals, used to filter water, have a surface area of 300-2,000 square meters per gram

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Fresh look at CO2. Emissions / land area, by country. Kg per square meter. Year 2017

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Mongolia’s postal service adopted a system that uses a 3 word address instead of a street address. The system maps the world into patches of 9 square meters and assigns each one a unique 3 word address that helps postal workers deliver mail in the city or remote places more efficiently.

One liter of gasoline can deliver 35 megajoule of energy. This is the amount of energy one square meter of land receives from the sun, in the best conditions, in approximately ten hours. - source

The Trümmerfraue (Rubble Women): The women that helped rebuild Germany after WWII by clearing 400,000,000 cubic meters (16 square kilometers) of debris, tearing down structures too damaged to rebuild and collecting and cleaning bricks. - source

The group APOPO has trained the giant African pouched rat to search for landmines in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and in Cambodia. Since 1997 the rats have been able to help clear over 13,000 landmines saving countless lives, and giving back several square meters of land back to the people.

There is an island off the coast of Brazil called Snake Island, filled with between one and five venomous snakes per square meter. The species of snake that inhabit the island are a type of pit viper with a flesh melting venom. - source

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Scotch broom can produce up to 10.000 seed per season. Scotch broom often grows in colonies. One square meter of dense thicket contains around 65.000 seed.

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Fertile soil can contain up to 432 earthworms per square meter.

Herds of nilgai live on the territory that can be 1.7 square meters wide. Both male and female animals use urine to mark their territory. They also defecate on a single place, creating a pile of dung that can be 9.8 feet in diameter.

Sand dollars often gather in large groups. One square meter of sand can be covered with more than 625 sand dollars.

About Ilha da Queimada Grande, one of the deadliest islands in the world. Located off the coast of Brazil, it's so densely populated by snakes that someone estimates there's one snake per square meter.

Horn shark spends its entire life on a territory of 1000 square meters. It migrates in deeper water during the winter, but it never travels more than 10 miles (the longest recorded distance traveled by horn shark).

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Rainfall in the rain gauge is measured over a unit area. A millimeter of rain measured in a rain gauge would equal one liter of rain in a meter squared.

Mumbai's commuter rail system can get so crowded that trains can reach 14-16 people standing per square meter. On average, 2000 people die annually on the rail network.

A 19,107 square meters (4.721 acres) forest in Anantapur in India, which is composed of a single tree named Thimmamma Marrimanu.

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The Kowloon Walled City, an urban settlement in Hong Kong. It was largely ungoverned, ruled mostly by local triads and drug lords, and at it's peak had a population density of roughly two people per square meter.

There is a 1,440,000 square meter enclosed park in Northern China that is filled with ~800 big cats but mostly Siberian Tigers.

80% of the individual animals on Earth are roundworms. One square meter can contain 1 million roundworms, similar to the population of San Francisco.

One gram of activated charcoal has a surface area of over 500 square meters.

Eurasian harvest mouse is solitary and territorial animal. Males occupy territory of 400 square meters (females occupy much smaller territories).

Pebble mound mice can be found in Karijini National Park. Evidence of their existence is obvious with the mounds of pebbles they create that can be as large as nine meters square.

As the mine is depleted overburden is used to backfill the pit. Each year approximately 250 million square meters of overburden is backfilled.

This harbor has the largest volume of water in the world at 49,470,899 cubic gallons (187,000,000 cubic meters) of water and covers a surface area of 238. 6 square miles (384 square kilometers).

Emperor geese usually occupy territory of 14 square meters during the breeding season. Male uses threatening posture, loud hisses and crying calls to chase away other geese and potential intruders from the nest.

In the Gulf of Thailand there are a total of 75,590 rai of coral reef. (1 rai equals 1,600 square meters).

The surface area of the human digestive track is about the same size as a small, studio apartment in Manhattan (i.e., around 32 square meters / 350 square feet)

Ocelots are territorial and solitary creatures. Males usually live on the territory of 30 square meters. Females occupy territory that is two times smaller.

During WWI an estimated one ton of explosives was fired for every square meter of territory on the Western front

There is an uninhabited island off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil that has between one to five snakes per square meter.

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