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9 of the 10 most densely populated cities and towns in the US are located within the New York City metropolitan area

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When there is a rise in country music played on the radio within metropolitan areas, suicide rates rise as well.

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  1. Guangzhou, the "Capital of the Third World" is the largest city by metropolitan area and that at 44 million is larger than the entire state of California

  2. There are more people in the Tokyo metropolitan area than there are in the entirety of Canada

  3. Dallas is the largest metropolitan area in the nation not on a navigable body of water.

  4. 4 out of the 5 richest counties in the US are in the DC Metropolitan area.

  5. The capital and largest city in Chiapas is Tuxtla Gutierezz. The metropolitan area of the city is nearly 800,000 people.

  6. While the city of Madrid has approximately 3.14 million residents, the metropolitan area of Madrid has more than 6.7 million residents in total.

  7. The capital and largest city of Durango is Victoria de Durango, often referred to as Durango City. Durango has a metropolitan area of nearly 700,000 people.

  8. There are approximately 805,166 residents living in the city of Amsterdam, and 2.34 million living in Amsterdam's metropolitan area.

  9. Puebla de Zaragoza, often just referred to as "Puebla City," is the capital and largest city in Puebla. It has a metropolitan area of more than three million people. Puebla served as an early Spanish outpost and then the territory and later state developed around it.

  10. Monterrey is the capital and largest city in Neuvo Leon. It has more than four and a half million people in its metro area, making it the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico.

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metropolitan area fact data chart about Price of a Cocktail Across America's Largest Metropolitan Ar
Price of a Cocktail Across America's Largest Metropolitan Areas

metropolitan area fact data chart about Median home value in the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas
Median home value in the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas (August 2018)

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The Detroit Metropolitan area has more people than it has ever had and is up 15% since 2010.

The Met was built in an area that was seen as undesirable, far from the wealthy mansions and paved streets of NYC.

The New York City metropolitan area has an economy of over 1.6 trillion dollars, and if it was a country it would have a GDP larger than Russia's and only slightly smaller than Brazil's. - source

The Greater Tokyo Area is the world's largest metropolitan area. More than 30 million people live there.

While New York City has the most populous metropolitan area, Mexico City is the most populous city in North America. - source

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In the original version of "Lilo and Stitch", Stitch takes a 747 for a 'joyride' around some buildings in a metropolitan area. Since it was released just after 9/11, it was changed to Stitch taking a spaceship for a ride around some mountains.

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The the New York City metropolitan area population is approximately equal to the state populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico and Nevada combined.

Half of U.S. GDP is produced by 22 Metropolitan Areas

During the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the evacuation of Tokyo, the world's most populous metropolitan area, was once considered

The Providence, Rhode Island metropolitan area population exceeds the population of Rhode Island by nearly 60%

The Florida Panthers hockey team have averaged ~3,500 viewers per game for years despite being in a metropolitan area of 5 million people - losing to infomercials in the same market as well as a 7 AM kids' show named "Doodlebops"

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metropolitan area fact infographic about Median rent increase during last five years in America's lar

Median rent increase during last five years in America's largest metropolitan areas

metropolitan area fact infographic about Age and Sex of the Population of Canada, Provinces and Terri

Age and Sex of the Population of Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2016 and 2011 Censuses

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Texarkana, a Metropolitan area that occupies both sides of the Texas / Arkansas state border

A 2013 study showed big cities alter the weather for thousands of miles downwind. The heat streaming from major metropolitan areas widen the jet stream and tweak other workings of the atmosphere.

There is a giant 1,500 acres salt mine beneath Detroit. The mine stretches from Detroit's metropolitan area, all the way to Melvindale and Allen Park in the South West.

Of the 51 million people living in South Korea; approximately half of the country lives in the Seoul metropolitan area!

The Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region an area in Germany with a population of 11mil people spread across 13 interconnected cities.

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There are two Kansas City s, across the Kansas river, and are less than 4 miles apart from each other, and they together form the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The San Diego-Tijuana bi-national metropolitan area is the 4th largest in the world with a population of 4.9 million

A 1992 study found that metropolitan areas with greater airtime devoted to country music have greater white suicide rates.

1 out of every 14 Americans lives in the New York City metropolitan area, and 1 out of every 8 lives in either the NYC or L.A. metro areas

The Tokyo Metropolitan area contains more people than the entire country of Iraq.

During the height of the Cold War there were nearly 200 missile sites with nuclear and conventional Warheads just a few miles from major metropolitan areas in the US like La, DC and New York.

Atlanta's metropolitan area makes up over half of the population of the state of Georgia.

El Paso in America and Juárez in Mexico form one metropolitan area.

The New York metropolitan area (34,490 km2) is larger than the entire country of Belgium (30,528 km2)

Researchers have found that long-term exposure to high concentrations of small particle air pollution, common to many metropolitan areas, increased risk of death from cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer, at a level comparable to exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand tobacco smoke.

Hulunbuir (Inner Mongolia China) is the largest city in the world by area(metropolitan).

The Greater Los Angeles area has a higher population density than the New York Metropolitan Area

How Airbnb has taken off thousands of apartments from the rent market, and how it has raised the average rent for citizens in Major Metropolitan Areas of the world

Stringent restrictions to new housing supply in large metropolitan areas lowered aggregate US growth by 36 percent from 1964 to 2009.

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