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The San Antonio Spurs have made the playoffs in 24 of the last 25 seasons (since 1989–1990) and have only missed the playoffs four times since entering the NBA.

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The Detroit Red Wings haven't missed the playoffs since 1991, and the Detroit Lions haven't won a playoff game since....1991.

What years did the lakers missed the playoffs?

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  1. About the 2010 Chargers who were one of the best NFL teams ever and completely missed the playoffs

  2. The San Antonio Spurs have only missed the playoffs five times since 1967. This includes the time they played in the ABA as the Dallas Chaparrals.

  3. In the 45 years the San Antonio Spurs have been in the NBA they have only missed the playoffs 4 times, the last in 1997.

  4. In 1993 the San Francisco Giants had 103 wins and completely missed the playoffs.

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What years did the steelers missed the playoffs?

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How often do NFL teams finish with winning records but miss the playoffs?

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