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The FBI likely encouraged myths about Ma Barker being a criminal mastermind to justify shooting her during the shootout between the Barker-Karpis gang and the FBI. She likely never had any involvement in the gang's crimes.

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Colonel Sanders was involved in a shootout with Matt Stewart, a local competitor, over the repainting of a sign directing traffic to his station. Stewart killed a Shell employee who was with Sanders and was convicted of murder, eliminating Sanders's competition.

Who was involved in the shootout at the okay corral?

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who was involved in the shootout at the ok corral?

  1. The (SLA) Symbionese Liberation Army who kidnapped Patty Hearst was involved in one of the largest shootouts with police in U.S. history with over 9000 shots fired between them.

  2. Manuel Benitez, one of the BMX kids from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, was wanted by the FBI for murdering his girlfriend in 2004. He was later killed in a shootout during a hostage situation involving his son in 2008.

  3. Doc Holiday was involved in 9 shootouts and killed as many as 7 people in his life.

  4. Willie Nelson's drummer is an infamous former Ft. Worth gangster/pimp who has been involved in numerous shootouts (including one alongside Willie)

  5. In June of 2002, the scene involving the shootout in Heat (1995) was shown to United States Marine recruits at MCRD San Diego as an example of the proper way to retreat while under fire.

  6. The inspiration for Crocodile Dundee didn't see a cent from the use of his story. His life and marriage fell apart, he developed a drug habit and was involved in a shootout with the police, killing one. The production company even banned him from starting his own "Crocodile Dundee tour".

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