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Although SNL never revealed the gender of the androgynous Pat of the "It's Pat" skits (and movie of the same name) from the early 90s, SNL alum Norm MacDonald claimed in an interview in 2016 that the "secret" among the cast and crew was that Pat, in fact, was female

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SNL Alum Comedian Dana Carvey made his film debut in Halloween II (1981). He's on screen for 10 seconds and has zero lines of dialogue. His character is credited as "assistant."

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  1. The new Colonel Sanders is played by SNL alum Darrel Hammond.

  2. SNL Alum and Current Colonel Sanders Darrell Hammond is a Diagnosed Schizophrenic

  3. Minnie Riperton, famed soprano most known for recording "Lovin' You", is the mother of SNL alum Maya Rudolph.

  4. KaBOOM! is real and was founded by SNL alum Darrell Hammond

  5. Garry Shandling used to have pickup games at his house featuring SNL alums such as Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Adam Sandler.

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