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Colonel Sanders was highly critical of KFC, calling it "a damn fried doughball stuck on some chicken" and "God-damned slop," while denouncing the gravy as "horrible." At times he'd surprise enter a KFC and throw the food on the floor if in disgust.

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Colonel Sanders made surprise visits to KFC restaurants. If dissatisfied with the food he threw it to the floor while cursing out the employees.

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  1. A KFC employee discovered a 200 page, type-written manuscript written by Colonel Sanders (b1890-d1980) consisting of recipes, anecdotes, and life lessons, in 2011.

  2. Colonel Sanders got fired from dozens of jobs. Including being a lawyer. He found himself broke at the age of 65, and decided to start KFC.

  3. Before establishing KFC, Colonel Sanders worked at a gas station and got into a gunfight with a rival gas station manager.

  4. Colonel SANDERs got fired from a dozen jobs; was a lawyer who once assaulted his own client in court; started a restaurant that when went out of business and found himself broke at the age of 65; That's when he started KFC

  5. Before starting Wendy's, Dave Thomas worked under Colonel Sanders at KFC and even invented their widely used KFC chicken bucket

  6. KFC's founder Colonel Sanders would pay unexpected visits to K.F.C. franchises in order to inspect them, and would often swear and bang his cane on whatever furniture was available if the gravy was't tasty enough.

  7. Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, made surprise visits to KFC restaurants. If dissatisfied with the food he threw it to the floor while cursing out the employees.

  8. Every Google Maps street view of a KFC blurs the face of Colonel Sanders due to Google's security policy that every human's face gets blurred.

  9. The Colonel hated KFC, he hated what they did to his recipe and when he left they even shut down a restaurant he created in his wifes name.

  10. After Colonel Sanders sold KFC, the restaurant chain changed the secret recipe for their gravy and chicken. Sanders hated both so much that he berated the gravy as "sludge", said the chicken was "a damn fried doughball put on top of some chicken", and opened a competing fried chicken restaurant.

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The Hanshin Tigers baseball team of Japan is believed to be cursed by KFC founder Colonel Sanders for throwing his storefront statue into the river by Hanshin fans while celebrating their team’s victory in 1985

In 1956 Colonel Sanders sold his roadside restaurant and went on the road to sell his franchise to additional locations.

Dave Thomas was sent to Germany as an army cook, and later worked with Colonel Sanders on many projects to make KFC more profitable and to give it brand recognition. He later sold his KFC franchises back to Sanders for over $1.5 million, and went on to found his Wendy's restaurant chain. - source

Colonel Sanders of KFC fame appeared on the game show, What's My Line? He appeared without the panel being blindfolded because in 1963 he was not widely known. He stumped the panel.

Colonel Sanders learned to cook at a young age because his father died when he was six and he had to fill in while his mother worked.

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The 'Curse of the Colonel' caused when Japanese baseball fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders from a KFC into a river. Fans believe Sanders' ghost placed a curse on the team which caused an 18 year losing streak for the team and prevents their team from winning the Japan Series

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Colonel Sanders of KFC was only in the army for three months when he was 16. His title was an honorable one bestowed by the governor of Kentucky as an ambassador of the state.

Colonel Sanders sold KFC in 1964 at the age of 74. He continued to remain active in the business promotion until he died in 1980 at the age of 90.

Colonel Sanders was given the honorary title Colonel by the governor of Kentucky in 1936.

There is a video game named after Colonel Sanders and a graphic novel as well.

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The then-owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken unsuccessfully sued Colonel Sanders for libel in the 1970s after he publicly described the chain's gravy as "sludge" that tasted like wallpaper paste. Despite their differences, he remained the public face of KFC until his death in 1980 at age 90.

The original KFC gravy was too much work and the recipe was changed to a cheaper version prior to 1970. Colonel Sanders didn"t approve of the new gravy recipe.

KFC released a Harlequin style Colonel Sanders romance novel: "Tender Wings of Desire"

The first KCF was opened when Colonel Sanders was 29, selling his fried chicken to passing motorists from his roadside gas station and restaurant.

The official KFC Twitter account only follows eleven other accounts - the Spice Girls and six men named Herb - due to their mix of "eleven Herbs and Spices". KFC sent the first man to decode this a painting of the Colonel giving him a piggyback through a beautiful landscape.

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In Japan people goto KFC on Christmas, and Colonel Sanders is Father Christmas

KFC worked with DC Comics to make a Colonel Sanders comic book trilogy.

Colonel Sanders was sued 2 times by Heublein Inc, the company he sold KFC too

For his 1968 presidential campaign, Governor George Wallace considered choosing Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, as his running mate.

KFC installed a huge portrait of Colonel Sanders in the uninhabited desert near area 51, which could only be seen by satellite

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, worked for Colonel Sanders at KFC as a head cook. When Col. Sanders asked Thomas how to give KFC more publicity, Dave Thomas invented the signature KFC Chicken bucket.

Colonel Sander's white suit that became part of his trademark was sold for $21,510 to the president of KFC Japan.

When Colonel Sanders died in 1980 the Governor of Kentucky flew State building's flags at half-mast. They were flown this was for four days.

Colonel Sander's face on all KFC store signs in Google Street View is auto-blurred by the privacy software

By the end of his life, Colonel hated his own creation - KFC

Harland Sanders, commonly called "Colonel Sanders" actually had a pretty rough life. At points, he even contemplated suicide. He lost many jobs, and his wife left. He finally found success at 88 when he borrowed $87 to fry some chicken and sell it door to door. That was how he started KFC.

The Real Colonel Sanders Hated Everything that KFC Became

In 1964, Colonel Sanders appeared on the TV show "I've Got A Secret" with the 2 million dollar check he received a few weeks earlier for selling KFC and almost left the check at the studio.

By the end of his life, Colonel hated his own creation - KFC

Colonel Sanders signed copy of the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" recipe is inside a vault in KFC’s Louisville headquarters. Even manufacturers don’t know what goes into it.

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