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Fast food chains are banned in Bermuda under the Foreign Restaurants Act of 1977, with the exception of one KFC that was grandfathered in

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Colonel Sanders made surprise visits to KFC restaurants. If dissatisfied with the food he threw it to the floor while cursing out the employees.

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  1. Colonel SANDERs got fired from a dozen jobs; was a lawyer who once assaulted his own client in court; started a restaurant that when went out of business and found himself broke at the age of 65; That's when he started KFC

  2. Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, made surprise visits to KFC restaurants. If dissatisfied with the food he threw it to the floor while cursing out the employees.

  3. The Colonel hated KFC, he hated what they did to his recipe and when he left they even shut down a restaurant he created in his wifes name.

  4. The Pentagon has over 20 fast food restaurants, which include KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and many more

  5. After Colonel Sanders sold KFC, the restaurant chain changed the secret recipe for their gravy and chicken. Sanders hated both so much that he berated the gravy as "sludge", said the chicken was "a damn fried doughball put on top of some chicken", and opened a competing fried chicken restaurant.

  6. In 1956 Colonel Sanders sold his roadside restaurant and went on the road to sell his franchise to additional locations.

  7. Dave Thomas was sent to Germany as an army cook, and later worked with Colonel Sanders on many projects to make KFC more profitable and to give it brand recognition. He later sold his KFC franchises back to Sanders for over $1.5 million, and went on to found his Wendy's restaurant chain.

  8. KFC is a leading fast food chain in China and even opened an experimental restaurant focused on fruit juice and salad

  9. By 1964 there were more than 600 KFC restaurants in the United States.

  10. A prank caller convinced KFC employees to get naked and piss on eachother outside the restaurant

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The first KCF was opened when Colonel Sanders was 29, selling his fried chicken to passing motorists from his roadside gas station and restaurant.

The parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC is trying a Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) restaurant - source

KFC restaurants can be found in more than 105 countries around the world. It is more popular in China than McDonald's.

PepsiCo once owned Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Hot 'n Now, and East Side Mario's, and other restaurants, but decided to sell them to concentrate on snack food and beverage production - source

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The reason Kentucky Fried Chicken officially changed their name to 'KFC' in 1990 was a result of the state of Kentucky, which was mired in debt, trademarking their name. The restaurant, which had used the name for 4 decades, refused to pay royalties on their original name, so changed it instead.

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KFC in China sells a "Tree Fungus Salad" and "Dragon Twister." It is China's largest restaurant chain and the first western fast food company to open a location in the country.

KFC restaurants in China sell hamburgers

KFC restaurants in the Philippines tested the "Double Down Dog", a hot dog wrapped in a single piece of fried chicken.

Some KFC restaurants offer a TRIPLE down sandwhich

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Colonel Sanders used to make surprise visits to KFC restaurants, and if the food disappointed him, he denounced it to the franchisee as "God-damned slop" or pushed it onto the floor.

In his later years, Colonel Sanders became highly critical of the food served by KFC restaurants, as he believed they had cut costs and allowed quality to deteriorate.

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