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At the United States Naval Academy, "General Tso's chicken" is served in the main mess hall, as "Admiral Tso's Chicken".

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Descendants of General Tso living in Xiangyin, when interviewed, said that they had never heard of General Tso's Chicken. The real roots of the dish lie in the post-1949 exodus of chinese chefs to the United States.

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  1. General Tso's chicken is named in honor of a real Chinese statesman and military leader, but it isn't a traditional Chinese dish. It originated at Chinese-American restaurants in New York in the 1970s.

  2. General Tso's Chicken was actually named after a General Tso, also known as Zuo Zongtang, who was a Chinese military leader in the early 1880's

  3. General Tso’s Chicken was a dish invented by a Chinese chef for foreigners.

  4. While General Tso's Chicken is virtually unheard of in mainland China, General Tso was a real 19th century general who is widely revered in the country for putting down a series of rebellions.

  5. The Journey for the Real General Tso's Chicken

  6. General Tso's Chicken isn't really Chinese food.

  7. General Tso's chicken was invented in NYC.

  8. The creator of General Tso's Chicken has died, and he was not a General, but a chef in Taiwan

  9. General Tso's chicken was invented in Chicago and fortune cookies were created in 1970s New York City

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