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Chicken Tenders are an actual part of a chicken, and each chicken only has two tenders

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It is illegal to eat chicken tenders with utensils in Georgia. This law was enforced when a tourist was arrested in 2009

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  1. Chicken Tenders" are a registered trademark of Burger King. Use of the term "chicken breast tenders" by Pilgrim's Pride in the 80s cost PP almost a million dollars in court judgments for BK

  2. Chicken tenders aren't neatly cut chicken breasts, they're actually the pectoralis minor muscle.

  3. Burger King owns the United States patent on Chicken Tenders

  4. A chicken tender is an actual cut of meat not just the breast.

  5. The salt in the marinade works to break down a muscle protein called myosin, loosening the meat fibers and allowing the chicken to absorb more liquid. The result is tender, juicier meat with a whole lot more flavor.

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