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There is a giant abandoned church that looks like a chicken in Indonesia

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There is an abandoned church shaped like a massive clucking chicken in the jungles of Indonesia

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  1. A 19th Century Spanish architect used molds of stillborn babies to create a statue in Barcelona's Church of the Holy Family. He also cast a live donkey, chickens, and turkeys

  2. Church's Chicken is called "Texas Chicken" outside the USA

  3. About a chicken shaped church in Indonesia

  4. There is a Mysterious, Abandoned Church Shaped like a Giant Chicken in Indonesia.

  5. Church's came under flak in Malaysia when one of the customers complained about the food coming from Church, referring to the brand name Church's Chicken. Upon clarification from Church's Chicken that the name Church is not related to religion, but is the name of the founder, the issue was over.

  6. There is an abandoned giant chicken church in the Indonesian jungle.

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