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Albert Battel, a German officer serving in the Wehrmacht during WWII, who commanded his whole unit to protect Jews and threatened the SS to kill them if they crossed a bridge into a Jewish ghetto to round them up.

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Albert Battel and Max Liedtke, German officers who threatened to shoot a group of SS attempting to execute Jews in Poland. They successfully rescued 100 Jews, and are among the few Wehrmacht members to be recognised as Righteous Among the Nations

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  1. The Battle for Castle Itter where defected Wehrmacht soldiers requested the help of American soldiers to help defend the castle from the Waffen-SS, who planned to execute the French VIP's inside. It is the only known battle in World War II where the German and American armies fought together.

  2. In the final days of WWII, German Wehrmacht soldiers fought alongside US Army troops to defend a medieval castle from the Waffen SS

  3. The modern German Army is explicitedly based "on the conduct displayed by the men of the 20th of July" i.e. the Wehrmacht officers like Stauffenberg that tried assassinating Hitler in 1944.

  4. Yang Kyoungjon, a Korean soldier who fought in the Imperial Japanese Army, captured and forced into the Soviet Red Army, and later recaptured and forced into the German Wehrmacht during World War II, eventually being captured and freed by paratroopers of the US army in 1944.

  5. During WWII the Croatian paramilitary group Ustaša slaughtered with such barbarity that Wehrmacht and Gestapo commanders complained to Berlin, concerned that German forces might appear responsible.

  6. The clean Wehrmacht myth. The myth denies the culpability of the German military command in the planning and preparation of war crimes and asserts that they were not involved in the Holocaust or other war crimes.

  7. About Volksdeutsche, Americans with German heritage who went to Germany in World War II to fight as German Wehrmacht

  8. Between 1500 and 3000 black African soldiers fighting for the French were summarily executed by the Wehrmacht (German Army) during the invasion of France, solely for being black.

  9. Churchill planned to invade the Soviet Union immediately after the end of WWII, using the disbanded German Wehrmacht as frontline soldiers.

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On 5 May 1945—five days after Hitler’s suicide—American and German Wehrmacht troops joined forces to defend the 13th century Castle Itter against a sustained attack by SS troops, who wantwd to execute the French VIP prisoners inside.

Yang Kyoungjong, a Korean man serving in the Japanese Army in WWII who was captured after fighting against the Soviets in 1939. Conscripted in the Red Army, he was captured by the Germans in 1943 and conscripted into the Wehrmacht. He was later captured by American paratroopers after D-Day. - source

After the second World War, a Canadian Regiment provided interned Wehrmacht soldiers with Rifles and a Truck to execute deserters from the German Navy - source

A German soldier was once awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union", the highest distinction in the country. Fritz Schmenkel was a political prisoner in Nazi Germany who volunteered to join the Wehrmacht in exchange for freedom - Barely three months later he defected to the partisans. - source

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There was a battle in World War 2 in which German Wehrmacht troops fought alongside American troops and French prisoners to defend an Austrian castle from a SS division.

At the 1936 Olympics, German long jumper Luz Long befriended Jesse Owens and gave him advice to help Jesse win the gold in the long jump(Luz won the silver). Luz was later killed in action while serving in the Wehrmacht during WWII.

During WW2, a Chinese commander served in the German Wehrmacht, his name was Chiang Wei-Kuo, and he reached the rank of Lieutenant.

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Częstochowa massacre, also known as the Bloody Monday, was committed by the German Wehrmacht forces beginning on the 4th day of World War II in the Polish city of Częstochowa, between 4 and 6 September 1939. 1140 Poles were murdered

The 1950s West German government and its allies created the myth of the "clean Wehrmacht" to detract from war crimes committed by the German military in WW2.

The Channel Islands were occupied by the German Wehrmacht during World War II, being the only part of the British Isles that were invaded and occupied.

African Germans during WWII participated in the Hitler youth, Wehrmacht and SS.

Rapes were allowed in practice by the German military in eastern and southeastern Europe. In the Soviet Union alone an estimates regarding the rape of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht range up to 10,000,000 incidents, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children being born as a result.

About the battle of Castle Itter, the only known occasion where the U.S. Army and the German Wehrmacht fought side by side in WWII.

In WW2 during an important German strategic retreat from Rzhev, Russia, Hitler personally demanded to hear a bridge destroyed over the phone. The Wehrmacht carried out his demand by holding up a phone in the air as the bridge was destroyed by emplaced explosives.

About the Battle for Castle Itter, in which American and German Wehrmacht forces fought alongside tennis superstar Jean Borotra and former French prime ministers, among others, against German Waffen-SS soldiers during WWII.

The Soviet Union funded one of the world's first Neo-Nazi parties in existance founded by a former Wehrmacht officer because it was anti-US, but did not funded the German Communist Party because it was "ineffectual".

In the final days of WWII, German Wehrmacht soldiers fought alongside US Army troops to defend a medieval castle from the Waffen SS

The clean hands Wehrmacht myth comes from allied propaganda immediately after the second world war. In reality, the regular German army took part in many war crimes.

The german army in 3rd Reich (Wehrmacht) opposed the SS to protect prisoners

At the end of WWII US Army and German Wehrmacht troops fought a battle against German SS troops

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