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How the UK military recruiter mistook "cryptogamist" (algae expert) for "cryptogramist" and sent Geoffrey Tandy to join the code breakers; he wasn't so useful until captured German papers arrived water-logged; with his expertise they salvaged them, cracked the code, and hastened the victory.

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3 Scottish soldiers escaped capture from German soldiers when they spoke their native Gaelic to confuse them after their capture claiming they were Ukrainian. The German soldiers let them go.

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  1. During WW2, captured German officers were sent to Britain as POWs and lived in luxury in Trent Park to make them feel relaxed. However, they were being listened to by 100 ‘listeners’. They revealed secrets about the holocaust, events in Berlin, Hitler's madness and V2 rocket bases.

  2. Stubby, a dog who helped the US forces in WWI, captured a German spy, and was given the rank of sergeant. His unofficial rank of sergeant outranked his owner, Corporal Robert Conroy.

  3. A German explorer/soldier became famous for evading capture by British forces in New Guinea during WWI. Hermann Detzner's book 'Four Years Among the Cannibals' detailed his exploits and remarkable scientific discoveries. He made everything up, and just hid in one place for four years.

  4. Léo Major. A Canadian soldier who single handedly captured 93 German soldiers and liberated the city of Zwolle, broke his back, went AWOA from hospital, rejoined his troops and then captured another 100 Germans and re-iberated the city of Zwolle again, by himself.

  5. The only real world example of sky pirates happened in 1917 when a Norwegian ship was captured by a German raiding party who boarded and seized the ship from a Zeppelin.

  6. During World War 2, the British captured Germans and put them in a bugged mansion where they served them wine and food and thus they were able to gather important intelligence from casual conversations between the 'prisoners' that helped them greatly win the war

  7. In 1938, 18-year-old Korean Yang Kyoungjong was conscripted by Japan to fight against the USSR. In 1939 he was captured by the Soviets and sent to fight against the Germans. He was then captured by the Nazis and sent to fight on D-Day only to be captured by the Americans.

  8. Many German POWs captured by the Allies in WW2 were so horrified by footage of the Holocaust that they burned their uniforms and called on Germany to surrender, and even volunteered to join the fight against the Axis.

  9. "The Mad Piper" Bill Millin, the only bagpiper to land on the beach in Normandy. While men fell around him, he played his pipes throughout the battle. A group of captured German snipers was asked why they hadn't shot him. They replied that they thought he'd gone insane and felt bad for him.

  10. In 2007, German police identified the DNA of a woman at six murders. Fearing this unknown killer, they offered a 300,000 euro reward for her capture. In 2009, she was identified. She worked at the factory that manufactured the DNA swabs.

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Leo Major, a French Canadian soldier in WWII, singlehandedly liberated the Dutch town of Zwolle from an occupying German force, killing and capturing dozens of enemy soldiers in the process.

When Kurt Vonnegut served in WW2 he was captured by Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. He was a POW in Dresden and survived the bombing of the city by hiding in a meat locker in a slaughterhouse where he was imprisoned. This inspired him to write the anti-war novel Slaughter-House Five. - source

Stalin's son Yakov was captured while fighting Nazis in 1941. Nazis offered to exchange him for Friedrich Paulus, the German Field Marshal captured by the Soviets, but Stalin turned the offer down allegedly saying, "I will not trade a Marshal for a Lieutenant."; Yakov died in captivity - source

A British PoW captured by the Germans in World War I was freed to see his dying mother - but went back to the prison camp after giving the Kaiser 'his word' he would return.

Hitler had captured Stalin's son as a prisoner of war and offered to exchange him with a German Marshal prisoner. Stalin responded "I will not trade a Marshal for a Lieutenant." - source

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An unfortunate Korean was forced to fight for the Japanese, captured by the Russians and forced to fight on the Eastern Front where he was captured again by the Germans and forced to fight on the Western front where he was finally captured by the American Army.

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Erwin Rommel as a junior officer in the German Army during World War 1, captured 19,000 Italian soldiers during the Battle of Caporetto over the course of 13 days with less than 150 men under his command. Six German soldiers died under his command in the battle.

Some of the first German Soldiers captured at Normandy on D-Day were actually Korean. They had been pressed into service by the Japanese, captured by the Soviets, then captured by the Germans, then captured by the Americans.

During World War II, an RAF gunner Nicholas Alkemade fell through 18,000 feet without a parachute and survived without injuries. He was captured by the Germans, who issued him a commemorative certificate for his miraculous survival after verifying the details of his 'story'.

During the Normandy Allied Invasion Bill Millin, a Scottish Piper, played his bagpipes as he walked the beach while the carnage erupted around him. He later asked captured German prisoners why they hadn't shot at him. They said they thought he was on a suicide mission and was clearly mad.

About Léo Major, a French-Canadian soldier in WW2 that single-handedly liberated the entire Dutch city of Zwolle. He captured the German commanding officer, forced their surrender, marched him and all his troops to Canadian lines, and declined a medal for this as his commander was "incompetent".

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Jürgen Kantner, a german sailor, was captured along with his wife by Al Shabab when sailing off the coast of Somalia in 2008. After 52 days, they were freed from captivity after a large ransom was paid. Kantner later returned to Somalia and stole his boat Back from the militants.

German brothers Adolph and Rudolph Dassler split up their father's shoe company in to Puma and Adidas in 1948. This happened after Adi leaked information to Americans saying that his captured brother was a member of the SS.

During World War 1, Alvin York pretty much single handedly attacked a German machine gun nest, killing 20 and captured 132 solders. His actions made him one of the most decorated solders in the US Army, earning medals not only from the US, but also France, Italy, and Montenegro.

On November 11, 1918 on the last day of WW1 , General Pershing sent American troops to fight the Germans to “teach them a lesson” even though he knew an armistice was signed. Over 3,000 Americans were killed, wounded , or captured.

In WWII the Soviets used captured Germans and fake radio messages to convince the Nazis of a large German armed group stranded behind Soviet lines. The Nazis kept sending airdrops and rescue missions, which the Soviets would promptly capture and force to participate in the illusion

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During WWII the Germans captured a Russian T34 Tank then sank it in a lake in Estonia where it was rediscovered and after cleaning it up the engine was able to run.

The sawback bayonet. When plunged into the enemy, this style of blade pulled out the victim’s insides when removed, causing an exceptionally painful death. French and British soldiers would execute captured germans on sight who were in possession of the blade.

An American WWII Pilot escaped from a German POW camp and after three days of evading capture, commandeered a German Folkwolf 109 and flew himself and one other American Pilot to safety in the Netherlands. He was later quoted as saying "When I saw windmills, I knew I had made it,".

A German unit in civilian clothes invaded Poland on August 26th, 1939 to capture a railway tunnel, unaware that the German invasion of Poland had been postponed.

WW2 US Army Sgt Sylvester Antolak who charged 200 yards over coverless terrain into a German machine-gun nest, despite getting hit 3 times and standing back up after each shot. With a shattered right arm and Thompson wedged in his left arm, he captured the strongpoint.

Virginia Hall, one of the most highly decorated spies in American history. Her small resistance team is credited with destroying four bridges, derailing dozens of freight trains, killing 150 German soldiers, and capturing another 300 enemy troops. She did all of this with a wooden leg.

Belgian fort Eben-Emael was thought to be impregnable before WW2. The world's largest fortress was designed to stop a German invasion and take months to break. It was so large ... that in May 1940 the Luftwaffe landed gliders on its roof, and captured Eben-Emael from the top in 30 hours.

German U-Boat 1206 was 8 days into its 1st tour when the Commander had a problem working the new type of toilet. The engineer called to help opened a wrong valve, flooding the battery compartment, causing release of Chlorine gas. Forced to surface, they were quickly spotted & captured by Allies.

During WWI, no foreign coaling stations were available to Germany, and its coast was blockaded. So the Germans outfitted a sailing ship as a commerce raider and disguised it as a Norwegian woodcarrier - it sailed past the British blockade and captured 15 ships over the next two years.

During the battle of Verdun, a German soldier single handedly infiltrated Fort Douaumont after his unit refused to enter. Not a shot was fired, as he captured all resistance inside. He didn't receive credit for this until the 30s.

The first photograph of Earth from space was taken after WWII using a German V2 rocket that was captured and re-purposed for science.

A German SS General used captured civilians to clear minefields during Operation Kottbus in 1943, and reported that 'approximately two to three thousand local people were blown up in the clearing of the minefields'.

During WWI, Sgt. Alvin Cullum York led a seven-man assault on a German machine gun nest in France and captured 32 machine guns, 132 German soldiers and killing at least 20 others.

A Polish soldier in WWII allowed himself to be captured by German soldiers so he could secretly report on conditions in Auschwitz

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