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Before returning to Vietnam from Europe in 1941, he changed his name to Ho Chi Minh. Following east Asian naming protocol, "Ho" was a common family name in Vietnam, like 'smith" or "Jones" in English speaking countries. The "Minh" part of his name was the Vietnamese word for "bright," which was also the name of the Vietnamese independence movement, Viet Minh.

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As Ho Chi Minh ruthlessly suppressed all dissent in North Vietnam, he laid the plans to support the communist Viet Cong rebels in the south. The plan included getting financial and geo-political support from the Soviet Union and China, and bolstering communist regimes in neighboring Laos and Cambodia. The North Vietnamese Army then developed a network of roads through Laos and Cambodia that became known as the "Ho Chi Minh" trail.

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  1. As the Viet Minh were fighting against the French in the Indochina War, the Soviet Union recognized the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh as its leader.

  2. About Operation Masterdom, which saw the British, French, and Japanese fight together against the Viet Minh and other Vietnamese militias in 1945-1946.

  3. The US OSS funded, trained and supplied arms to Ho Chi Minh's Viet Minh to fight the Japanese in 1945

  4. In the aftermath of WWII, Britain fought against the Viet Minh alongside the French and rearmed Japanese POWs. The experienced British troops performed better in jungle warfare than the native Vietnamese.

  5. During the North Vietnamese siege of Dien Bien Phu, US Sec of State John Foster Dulles offered the French tactical nukes to destroy the Viet Minh attacking the French garrison there.

  6. The Ho Chi Minh trail (or Đường Trường Sơn) was a route used by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese to transport weapons and supplies to one another during the Vietnam War

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