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The Battle for Castle Itter where defected Wehrmacht soldiers requested the help of American soldiers to help defend the castle from the Waffen-SS, who planned to execute the French VIP's inside. It is the only known battle in World War II where the German and American armies fought together.

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In the final days of WWII, German Wehrmacht soldiers fought alongside US Army troops to defend a medieval castle from the Waffen SS

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  1. Yang Kyoungjon, a Korean soldier who fought in the Imperial Japanese Army, captured and forced into the Soviet Red Army, and later recaptured and forced into the German Wehrmacht during World War II, eventually being captured and freed by paratroopers of the US army in 1944.

  2. Anton Schmid, a Wehrmacht soldier during WW2 who saved an estimated 300 Jews by hiding them in his apartment and writing work permits for them. He was executed on 13 April, 1942 by the Nazis.

  3. During WW2 Nazi Germany had a hospital/concentration camp in village Krasny Bereg where they drained all blood from thousands of soviet children (obviously, killing them in the process) to transfuse it to wounded soldiers of the Wehrmacht

  4. Between 1500 and 3000 black African soldiers fighting for the French were summarily executed by the Wehrmacht (German Army) during the invasion of France, solely for being black.

  5. Churchill planned to invade the Soviet Union immediately after the end of WWII, using the disbanded German Wehrmacht as frontline soldiers.

  6. After the second World War, a Canadian Regiment provided interned Wehrmacht soldiers with Rifles and a Truck to execute deserters from the German Navy

  7. One of the members of ABBA fled her native Norway to escape the stigma of being fathered by a Wehrmacht soldier.

  8. A German soldier was once awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union", the highest distinction in the country. Fritz Schmenkel was a political prisoner in Nazi Germany who volunteered to join the Wehrmacht in exchange for freedom - Barely three months later he defected to the partisans.

  9. Hitler assigned special troops from the Waffen-SS to guard Vimy Ridge. It was their job to protect Vimy Ridge, not only from Allied armies but also from regular Wehrmacht soldiers who might want to deface it.

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The legend of Josef Schulz, a Wehrmacht soldier who allegedly refused to be part of a firing squad and was subsequently executed by his comrades alongside 16 Yugoslav partisans.

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During the last days of WW2, US Army soldiers, defected German Wehrmacht soldiers, and French prisoners (2 of which are former Prime Ministers, and a Tennis star) defended Castle Itter against German Waffen SS.

In the final days of WWII, German Wehrmacht soldiers fought alongside US Army troops to defend a medieval castle from the Waffen SS

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Werner Goldberg, a half-Jewish Wehrmacht soldier whose picture appeared in a Sunday edition of the Berliner Tagesblatt as "The Ideal German Soldier."

Werner Goldberg, who was blond and blue-eyed, was used in Wehrmacht recruitment posters as the "ideal German soldier". He was later dismissed after it became known that he was a half Jew.

About the Battle for Castle Itter, in which German Wehrmacht soldiers fought alongside US soldiers and French PoWs against the SS.

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