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Frederick Douglass's master didn't want his slaves being taught to read, believing that it would foster a desire for freedom. Douglass learned to read anyway, escaped, and became the foremost abolitionist in the country.

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On July 4th 1852, Frederick Douglass was asked to give a speech about Independence. He got real pissed, saying it was a sham, since slaves had no independence. "This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn."

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  1. Frederick Douglass was the most photographed American of the 19th century, and never smiled in photographs to not appear stereotypical.

  2. Frederick Douglass Was The Most Photographed Man Of His Time and sat for more portraits during the 1800s than even Abraham Lincoln. He spelled out in four speeches, essays on why photography is so important in ending slavery and racism and achieving civil rights

  3. Frederick Douglass was the first African American confirmed for a Presidential appointment by the U.S. Senate after President Rutherford B. Hayes appointed him marshal of Washington, D.C.

  4. Former NBA player, Chris Webber, has an extensive collection of African American artifacts he began collecting his rookie year. It grew so large that it is housed in the Sacramento Public Library’s Archive Vault. It includes signed docs and letters from Malcolm X, MLK, and Frederick Douglass.

  5. Abraham Lincoln tried multiple times to remove all Africans from mainland America and was described as "entirely devoted to the welfare of white men" by prominent abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass.

  6. The couple moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts, and the couple adopted the last name Douglass as their surname. It was chosen after the name of the characters in Walter Scott poem "The Lady of the Lake".

  7. In 1839 Frederick Douglass became a licensed preacher. He also served as Sunday school superintendent, sexton, and steward.

  8. In 1848 Frederick Douglass attended the First Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. He was the only African American in attendance.

  9. Frederick Douglass married Anna Murray, a freed woman, 11 days after arriving in New York.

  10. Freedman Frederick Douglass was a notable member and frequent speaker for the AASS.

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Frederick Douglass worked to have African Americans fight in the American Civil War. His own two sons joined the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

Washington DC east of the river is often avoided by both locals and tourists for its crime reputation despite the fact that it has a rich history, a Smithsonian Museum, and the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site - source

In 1872 Victoria Woodhull (also the first female stockbroker), was the first woman to run for the President of the United States. She chose the former slave and abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass for Vice President. He never acknowledged the nomination. - source

Frederick Douglass was asked what advice he would give to a young black American. "Agitate, agitate, agitate."

In his later life Frederick Douglass served as a statesman and held highly appointed federal positions such as Recorder of Deeds and U.S. Marshall for D.C., and Consul General and Minister Resident to Haiti.

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Frederick Douglass died on February 20th, 1895, at his home shortly after receiving a standing ovation at a meeting of the National Council of Women in Washington, D.C.

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Frederick Douglass wrote about photography during the Civil War - calling it a democratic art. He gave away his portraits at lectures and talks in an effort to change the perception of African Americans.

Notable abolitionist and former slave, Frederick Douglass, played a key role organizing the 54th.

About Ottilie Assing, a German Journalist who allegedly had an affair with Frederick Douglass. When she found out he married Helen Pitts, she committed suicide publicly in Paris. Part of her will had all her German translations of Douglass's books burnt.

After Anna died in 1882, Douglass remarried. His new wife was a white abolitionist from an abolitionist family but they disowned her anyway for the interracial marriage.

Frederick Douglass was nominated as VP to Victoria Woodhull for Presidential Candidate, but never acknowledged it.

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Frederick Douglass once fought a slave master and his hand for two hours in a barn. Douglass beat the slave master so badly that the slave master never whipped Douglass again.

In 1867 the government of the Dominican Republic asked to be annexed by the USA. The people of the country supported it, President Grant supported it, Frederick Douglass investigated and supported it. In 1870 the plan went to Congress and got held up in politics and miscommunication and failed.

Throughout history, many important events in Black history have occurred in February. It was chosen as the month to celebrate Black History Month because the Black abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglass was born in this month, and so was Abraham Lincoln, who played an important role in shaping Black history.

Frederick joined a Methodist church but it was segregated so he joined the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth were also members.

Frederick Douglass met with his former owner Thomas Auld on Auld's deathbed and they reconciled.

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Susan B. Anthony, a leader in the American women's suffrage movement, and Frederick Douglass, a leader of the American abolitionist movement, are buried in the same cemetery in Rochester, New York.

The first woman to run for president didn't even have the right to vote because it was 1872. she got disqualified because she was too young (34). AND her running-mate was (ostensibly) Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass did not believe in celebrating Independence Day until slaves were all freed and certain laws that required runaway slaves to be returned to their owners were made void.

While in Boston, Elizabeth met some of the leading intellectuals of her time, including Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Well known figures in the Underground Railroad include Harriet Tubman (an escaped slave), Frederick Douglass (an escaped slave, activist, and underground leader in New York), Levi Coffin (a Quaker and the unofficial ‘President of the Underground Railroad), and John Fairfield (abolitionist raised in a slave-holding family).

Frederick Douglass owned a newspaper called The North Star, and in 1848 he wrote an open letter to his former owner in which he stated that "I am your fellow man, but not your slave".

On 3 sep 1938 Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery - for the second time-disguised as a free black sailor. He looked back at this day as the day when "Free Life began."

Frederick Douglass would later be deemed the 19th Century's most photographed American, with more portraits than Walt Whitman and Abraham Lincoln.

Frederick Douglass was appointed minister-resident and consul-general by the Republic of Haiti in 1889

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