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A prominent slavery apologist in the antebellum South argued that slavery was so wonderful it should be extended to whites

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The Knights of the Golden Circle was a pro-slavery secret society in the antebellum South who had visions of annexing Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean as slave states. Among it's members were John Wilkes Booth

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  1. The Freedmen's Bureau officiated marriages between freedmen and women and recognized so-called 'slave marriages," which were not recognized in the antebellum south.

  2. The term cakewalk comes from a 19th century dance, invented by slaves in the antebellum South. It was intended to satirize the ballroom promenades of white plantation owners. Couples promenaded through the ballroom, bowing deeply and frequently. The couple who performed the best won a cake

  3. The Franklin and Armfield Office was started in 1828 by Isaac Franklin and John Armfield and was known to be the largest slave trading firm in the antebellum south. At its height in the 1830s, the firm transported between 1,000 and 1,200 slaves from Alexandria, VA to New Orleans each year.

  4. Mark Twain blamed Sir Walter Scott for the U.S. Civil War and the notion that the antebellum South was noble and well-mannered.

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