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Cassius M. Clay, a politician and rabid abolitionist. He was once shot during a debate, and chased down his assassin, stabbing him & throwing him off an embankment. He later fended off 6 men, even though they had guns and he only had a bowie knife. He was a candidate to be Lincoln's VP.

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Abolitionist Cassius Clay was shot during an 1843 debate for the Kentucky House of Representatives; then, “Despite being shot in the chest, Clay drew his Bowie knife, tackled Brown, cut-out his eyes, and finally threw him over an embankment.” He would later become US Ambassador to Russia.

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  1. The abolitionist Cassius Clay, who as well as giving his name to the famous boxer was often physically targeted for his beliefs, installing armoured doors and two cannons in his office and once disarming and cutting out the eyes of an assassin who had shot him.

  2. At birth Muhammad Ali was named for Cassius Clay, a Kentucky Congressman of the 19th century who fought to abolish slavery and was named by Lincoln as the US Ambassador to Russia where he gained Russian support for the Union.

  3. US Representative Cassius Clay survived an assassination attempt, was shot in the chest, killed his attempted murderer with a bowie knife, threw him over an embankment, and continued the debate he was having

  4. Muhhamad Ali met the Beatles in 1964 because the Champion at the time didn't want to do a photoshoot. Neither the Beatles nor Ali (still Cassius Clay at the time) even knew who the other was and Lennon is quoted as saying Ali was “that loudmouth who’s going to lose.”

  5. Cassius Clay was only TKO'd once in his amateur boxing career, by a man named Kent Green in the second round in 1958. Clay was 16 at that time. Eventually, it would prove to be one of only two stoppage losses in the entire career of Muhammad Ali.

  6. Muhammad Ali, then-Cassius Clay, was defeated once by a Marine - Big Percy Price

  7. Muhammad Ali's original "slave" name "Cassius Clay" was a tribute to a Kentucky abolitionist politician

  8. Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay made an album dissing Sonny Liston, used it as bait to fight him and recieved a Grammy nomination.

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Boxer Cassius Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali, is also the author of one of the earliest rap albums - the 1963 "I Am the Greatest".

In 1965, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) once harassed Sonny Liston in a Las Vegas casino in an attempt to get Liston to fight him. Liston promptly pulled out a gun and began firing at Clay who then ran away. The gun was filled with blanks. - source

Percy J. Price defeated Cassius Clay at the 1960 Olympics trials, failed to medal at the Games, but went on to serve two tours of duty in Vietnam. - source

Cassius Clay first changed his name to Cassius X to honor Malcolm X before changing it again to Muhammad Ali.

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Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) carried the name of one of the most influential anti-slavery advocates of the 1800’s. Clay Sr. had a direct and indirect role in the appointment of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency and the mobilization of the Union against the Confederacy.

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Muhammad Ali beat BoxRec's rated #1 pound-for-pound boxer of all time, Archie Moore, in a 4th round knockout just as he predicted. The then 15-0 Cassius Clay was 100% accurate on all his predictions so far.

Kanye West convinced Cassius Clay, a 19 year old Caucasian student at Yale, to leave school and become his stylist. Kanye had first met Clay while shopping at Barney's in New York and was very impressed by Clay's footwear.

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) carried on the name of one of the most influential anti-slavery advocates of the 1800’s. Having a direct and indirect role in the appointment of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency and mobilization of the Union against the Confederacy.

Muhammad Ali never legally changed his name from Cassius Clay, he simply assumed the new name one day

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