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Conrad Heyer is the earliest born person to be photographed. He was born in 1749 and sat for a photo in 1852 at age 103. He is the only known photographed revolutionary war soldier to have crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

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The earliest born human to be photographed is Conrad Heyer, a revolutionary war veteran who crossed the delaware with George Washington and was born in 1749.

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  1. Conrad Heyer (1749-1856) is one of the earliest-born people to ever be captured on a photograph, and is also one of the only Revolutionary War veterans to be photographed; he crossed the Delaware River with George Washington!

  2. Conrad Heyer, born in 1749, is this earliest-born person ever to be photographed

  3. Conrad Heyer, 1749-1856, was the earliest-born man known to have been photographed. He fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War.

  4. There exists a photograph of Conrad Heyer, a man who served in the Revolutionary War under George Washington. He is also thought to have been the earliest-born person ever photographed.

  5. The earliest-born person to have his picture taken was Revolutionary War veteran Conrad Heyer who crossed the Delaware with General Washington. The picture was taken in 1852 when Conrad was 103.

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About Conrad Heyer (1749-1856), the earliest-born man ever photographed. He fought in the American Revolution and crossed the Delaware with George Washington! - source

Conrad Heyer, born 1749, was the earliest born man in history to have been photographed. He crossed the Delaware River with George Washington in 1776. - source

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