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In 2008, high school football coach Kris Hogan got many of the fans of his team to cheer for and support the other team because the other team was from a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility and did not have fans of their own

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The professional wrestler, Big Show, quit football after his freshman year in high school, because of disputes with the coach. He continued to support the team by joining the cheerleading squad, partly from spite. He later called it "the greatest experience of my life"

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  1. The highest paid public official is not a legislator or head of state. With a salary of 7.09 million dollars it is actually Nick Saban the head football coach for The University of Alabama.

  2. An NCAA football coach was fired after a co worker found porngraphic videos of children on his cell phone. He fought the charges vigorously after being charged with 2 felonies. He was finally reinstated after 18 months after it was revealed it was his kids taking a bath.

  3. In Spain, a thief found child pornography on some tapes he had stolen from a 64-year-old football coach, among other electrical goods. He left the incriminating tapes in an envelope for the police to find, notifying them of where he had burgled them from, leading to the coach being arrested.

  4. In 2003 a high school football player set a new record for career passing yardage; he later found out that both teams' coaches had conspired in his last game to ensure he'd beat the record, and he requested that the yardage from that game be expunged from his record, relinquishing the record

  5. Alabama football coach is the highest paid public employee in the United States.

  6. A high school football coach got half the fans of his own team to cheer for the other team, because the other team was from a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility and didn't have any fans of their own.

  7. The highest paid state employee in the USA is Nick Saban, the Alabama football team head coach, making $7.09 million a year

  8. The top 3 highest paid persons on the Department of Defense payroll are the Football Coaches of the 3 Military Academies.

  9. When the NFL football team Seattle Seahawks invited a retired 4 star general to their facility, Seattles head coach Pete Carroll blitzed him with questions about whether the 9/11 attacks “had been planned or faked” by the government.

  10. The highest paid across all U.S. Department of Defense employees are three football coaches of the service branch teams

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There is a High School football coach who never punts and always does onside kicks. He has won 4 state titles doing this.

In 1932, a football player for Mesa High School was accidentally killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. As he neared death he said, "Tell coach and the boys to carry on." Students began repeating the theme "Carry On" to one another, eventually becoming the school's official motto. - source

George RR Martin is a big fan of football, but not of Coach Belichick and the Patriots. In "A Dance with Dragons", he even references the 2007 Superbowl where the Patriots fell after a perfect season to the Giants, naming a character "Belichio" who gets eaten by giants. - source

The three highest paid employees of the Department of Defense are Football coaches for the Military, Navy, and Air Force Academies, with one making $1.6mil in 2012. - source

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Paul Wight (AKA The Big Show) quit football after his freshman year, because of disputes with the coach. His Sophomore year, he joined the cheerleading squad, partly out of spite.

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Early in American football, one coach had football-shaped leather patches sewn onto his team's jerseys creating the illusion of a field full of ball carriers. When this trick was tried against Harvard, they countered by painting all the balls crimson, making them invisible against their jerseys

William Ward, the University of Michigan football head coach in 1896, would go on to develop early surgical procedures to construct artificial vaginas.

A NCAA football coach was fired after a co-worker found pornographic videos of children on his cell phone. He fought the charges vigorously after being charged with 2 felonies. He was finally reinstated after 18 months after it was revealed it was his kids taking a bath.

An American college football coach was paid 65 million in contract buyouts and severance to basically not coach football.

A high school football coach got half the fans of his own team to cheer for the other team, because the other team was from a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility and didn’t have any fans of their own

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The small town of LaRue, OH is the smallest town to ever have a professional American Football team. The Oorang Indians were an all Native American team coached by Jim Thorpe and were also one of the first teams to incorporate a half-time show.

A high school football coach was arrested after he vandalized his own school and tried to blame a rival school by spray painting their logo next to insults aimed at his fellow players and coaches. He’d hoped to motivate his team to win against them in an upcoming game. They lost.

Gatorade was created and named in 1965 by scientists at the University of Florida at the request of the head coach of the football team. When the Gators won the Orange Bowl, the opposing coach said about the loss, "We didn't have Gatorade. That made the difference."

Brett Favre (Superbowl Champion QB of the Green Bay Packers) is now a high school football coach.

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Two coaches in the Pro Football Hall of Fame who spent part of their careers with the Cleveland browns include Forrest Gregg (1975-1977) and Paul Brown (1946-1962).

Snoop Dogg is a certified football coach, and has coached his son's high school football team.

The highest paid government employee in 40 of the 50 US states is either a football or basketball coach

A suburban Chicago high school football coach staged a fake shooting where he was shot to motivate his team before their semifinal playoff game.

There are currently 16 Cleveland Browns in the Pro Football Hall of Fame including Jim Brown (fullback), Len Ford (defensive end), Lou Groza (offensive tackle, placekicker), Dante Lavelli (wide receiver), Marion Motley (fullback), Paul Brown (head coach), Frank Gatski (offensive center), Gene Hickerson (offensive guard), Mike McCormack (offensive tackle), Ozzie Newsome (tight end), Bill Willis (middle guard, offensive guard), Lou DeLanielleure (offensive guard), Otto Graham (quarterback), Leroy Kelly (running back), Bobby Mitchell (wide receiver, halfback), and Paul Warfield (wide receiver).

A football referee set a record by showing 36 red cards in a single game, dismissing all the players, subs and coaches during an Argentinean game between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. The match descended into a mass brawl, with the managers and coaches also on the pitch fighting.

In 1916 the Georgia Tech football team defeated Cumberland 222-0 under coach John Heisman who, when the game ended, had his team run drills and scrimmage each other for another 30 minutes.

Bill Parcells was one of Pizza Hut’s first store managers, and its founders tried to talk him out of quitting to go coach football

Then Indiana Football Coach Lee Corso took took a timeout against hated rival Ohio State to take a photo of Indiana leading 7-6. It was Indiana's first lead against the Woody Hayes led Buckeyes in 25 years. Indiana lost the game 47-7.

John Heisman (the college football trophy's namesake) coached football, basketball and baseball in the same calendar year at Georgia Tech for several seasons.

Snoop Dogg has spent at least 13 years as a youth football coach. He says he started as just a dad on the sideline when his son played ball as a kid. He started volunteering, and then was recruited into coaching to fill a void.

Coach Glen Scobey "Pop" Warner was one of the most influential football coaches in early American football history. He coached Jim Thorpe at Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

In 1973, college football coaches voted on a proposal to prevent tied games. The vote tied, 9-9.

Ben Johnson, known for being stripped of his medals for a doping scandal, was hired by Libyan leader Gaddafi to act as a football coach for his son, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, who aspired to join an Italian club. Al-Saadi ultimately did join an Italian team but was sacked when he failed a drug test

In 39 of 50 states either a college football or basketball coach is the highest paid public employee.

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