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Senator John Kerry introduced the Federal Pension Forfeiture Act, also called the Duke Cunningham Act, to prevent lawmakers who have been guilty of official misconduct from collecting taxpayer funded pensions. The bill has never been passed.

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Former US House Rep, Duke Cunningham, was convicted of several crimes, served prison time, and was released. Duke then tried to get a gun permit, but the judge denied the request citing a law that limits gun permits for convicted criminals – a law that Cunningham voted for while in Congress

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  1. Congressman Duke Cunningham voted for a law limiting gun permits for convicted convicts. Then would later plead with a judge to be given a gun permit after becoming a convicted convict.

  2. In 2002 Elmo became the only non-human to have testifed before Congress. "Former Republican Rep. Duke Cunningham of California asked Elmo to testify before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education."

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