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Thief Matthew Ryan Hahn stole a safe that contained evidence of the sexual abuse of a child. He risked life imprisonment to turn in the memory card so police could "remove this animal from the streets"

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One in six men have experienced an abusive sexual relationship before the age of 18

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  1. For over 100 years, Canada forced many Indigenous children to attend Residential schools away from their families years at a time. The quality of instruction was sub-par, many children were physically, sexually, and mentally abused, and at least 4000 children died in the school system.

  2. A teacher who sexually abused a student and forced her to take nude photos was caught after a janitor cleaning his classroom found a DVD. It was labeled 300 and he mistook it for the action film of the same name. He put the disk into a DVD player to watch it and discovered the naked photos.

  3. There's a biker gang who sit in courtrooms to help sexually abused kids feel relaxed when giving evidence.

  4. A former teacher who was convicted for sexually abusing her 12 year old student when she was 34 in the 1990s is now married to him and hosts a weekly 'Hot for Teacher' night at her local bar.

  5. John Geoghan, the Catholic priest who sexually abused over 130 children and was a central figure in the Best Picture winner Spotlight, was strangled and stomped to death in prison by a self-described white supremacist serving a life sentence for murder.

  6. Snuffeupagus became a real character (instead of Big Bird's imaginary friend) because of a string of high profile child sexual abuse cases. The writers didn't want children to be afraid of telling their parents about being abused because of the fear of not being believed.

  7. At age 12 and 13, Curtis Jones and his sister, apparent victims of sexual abuse, killed one of their alleged victimizers. Child welfare knew of the abuse, but did nothing. After the murder, the state charged them as adults. Instead of getting help, they got 18 years in prison.

  8. Kevin Spacey's father, Thomas Fowler, was an American Nazi, and allegedly sexually abused Spacey's brother and another female family member. Spacey changed his name to his mother's maiden name to further himself from his father.

  9. School officials used a 15 year old as bait to catch another student suspected of sexual abuse, and still denies responsibility for her being raped because of it.

  10. Big Bird's "imaginary" friend, Snuffleupagus, was only outed as real to the adults on the series (after 17 seasons) due to a string of high-profile news stories about sexual abuse of children.

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U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan were instructed to ignore child sexual abuse being carried out by Afghan security forces. One Captain was relieved of his command after beating up a child rapist.

Canada forced 150,000 native children into "Residential Schools" away from their families to assimilate them and remove their family's culture. Over 6,000 died and many were physically and sexually abused. Most returned home unable to help, or connect with, their families. - source

In October of 2014, Amanda Bynes tweeted that her father sexually abused her as a child. She later claimed that this was not the case, and a microchip implanted in her brain forced her to say it. - source

Robert H. Richards IV, who inherited the Du Pont family fortune after the death of John du Pont (of Foxcatcher fame), was convicted in 2009 of sexually abusing his 3-year-old daughter. His 8 year sentence was suspended, as the judge claimed he would "not fare well" in prison

Sexual abuse by nuns is just as prevalent as priests. Sexual abuse by nuns has gone largely unaddressed and unreported in part because of cultural biases about gender roles and sex. It seems to receive less publicity and scrutiny than abuse committed by priests - source

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Gary Plauche killed his son's kidnapper and sexual abuser in a busy airport as he returned for trial.

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Tupac "2Pac" Shakur was arrested for sexually abusing a 19-year-old woman, who he met in a New York nightclub and allegedly sodomized and sexually abused with three of his friends. In 1995, he was sentenced to prison for up to four and a half years.

Between 1900-1973, over 100 boys died at a Florida reform school for delinquents as a result of sexual and physical abuse, torture, beatings, and even outright murder from staff. The school only recently closed in 2011.

Mary MacKillop was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1871 after reporting a priest for sexually abusing children. 139 years later she was declared a saint by Pope Benedict XVI.

I learned of camp 1391, a "secret" Israeli prison where prisoners are locked in a 2m by 2m cell, are sexually and physically abused by the guards. No lawyers or human rights activists are allowed in.

In 1990, Chuck Berry was sued by 59 women because - at his Missouri restaurant, "The Southern Air" - he had had hidden cameras installed in the ladies' room. Even though one female was a minor, he managed to avoid sexual abuse charges, and paid out a settlement of $1.2million.

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Beginning in the 1940s through the 1960s, the Quebec government collaborated with the Catholic Church to falsely certify 20,000 "orphaned" children as mentally ill and confine them to psychiatric institutions. The orphans were then subjected to medical experimentation and sexual abuse.

53% of Indian children are sexually abused

A study found that 36% of female porn stars were sexually abused as children, but that 29% of female accountants were as well

In 1978, Roman Polanski, charged with sexual abuse of a 13-year-old, agreed with prosecutors to a plea bargain under which he would serve no more than 90 days. When the judge did not accept the plea bargain, Polanski fled the country. The victim has said she does not want Polanski prosecuted.

A biker gang provides protection to sexually abused/abused children, that are too scared or hurt from the abuse, they've helped many kids and most gain the confidence to testify in court. They are all volunteers and put up to 20 hours a week in it.

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When Archbishop Robert Carlson, who served in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and was involved in handling sexual abuse cases for 15 years, was asked if he knew in 1984 that it was a crime for a priest to engage in sex with a child, answered "I’m not sure if I did or didn’t"

The reason Sinead O'Connor ripped up a picture of the pope on SNL was in protest of child physical and sexual abuse by the Catholic church

The most expensive court case ever held in the U.S was a sexual abuse trial in which hundreds of children made bizarre allegations of flying and killing giraffes, orgies at car washes, flying in hot-air balloons, and being flushed down toilets.

The Catholic Church in the Netherlands had sexual abuse victims forcibly castrated when they threatened to report their abuse

30% of child sexual abusers are family members; only 10% are stranges

In Canada, there are currently NO shelters for male victims of violence or sexual abuse and that Earl Silverman, the previous owner and manager of the country's only male shelter, committed suicide when he was forced to sell his house and shelter due to lack of funding.

Between 1920 and 1960 as many as 150,000 children were sent to Australia and Canada from Great Britain under The Child Migrants Programme with the promise of a better life. I'm reality, many were kept as slaves and subjected to sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

"as many as two-thirds of all people in treatment for drug abuse report that they were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused during childhood"

In 1983, in Jordan, Minnesota, 24 adults were arrested with accusations around sexually abusing 37 children in a "sex ring", some abusing their own children. Only one adult was jailed, and all charges against the rest were eventually dropped.

No causal relationship has been established between being sexually abused and becoming an abuser (citation 129 is the key scholarly citation)

A widespread practice called bacha bazi in Afghanistan in which boys dressed as girls dance for men and they get sexually abused.

Father Geoghan (former Roman Catholic priest from the movie Spotlight) was murdered in prison less than one year after he was incarcerated for sexually abusing children

As a child Michelle was raised in poverty and was sexually abused by a male family member.

For kids, mental abuse (mobbing) can be worse than sexual, physical abuse.

Pope John Paul appointed a cardinal to archpriest in Rome, two years after he had resigned because he got caught covering up dozens of priests' sexual abuses against children over a period of decades

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