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A man falsely imprisoned for 10 years spent most of his time at the library to study law and prove his innocence, and then became a lawyer to help free other people who have been falsely convicted.

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Leaders of the Black Panther Party were "neutralized" (murdered, imprisoned, publicly humiliated or falsely charged with crimes) by COINTELPRO, a series of illegal FBI operations.

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  1. A man was imprisoned for 25 years before a hotel receipt finally proved he could not have been at the scene of the crime he had been falsely convicted for.

  2. During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus. This allowed for the arrest of those who expressed sympathy for the Confederate cause. Furthermore, it also prevented military officials from being convicted of false arrest, false imprisonment or search and seizure violations.

  3. Dumas based "The Count of Monte Cristo" on the real life story of a man who inherited a fortune while falsely imprisoned and then used the money to track down and murder the three men who accused him.

  4. The Man That Invented Kwanzaa Went to Prison For "Felonious Assault and False Imprisonment" for Torturing Several Women

  5. A person who makes a citizen's arrest could risk exposing him or herself to possible lawsuits or criminal charges such as false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, or wrongful arrest.

  6. Shahid Azmi who was falsely imprisoned for 7 years. He spent most of his sentence at the library studying law and working to prove his innocence. He then became a lawyer to help free other people who have been falsely convicted.

  7. The originator of the Reid Interrogation Method obtained a false confession from Darrel Parker who served 14 years before being released--during a hearing on false imprisonment, the Nebraska Atty Gen objected to the the judge considering its four briefs admitting that his confession was false

  8. King Richard "Lionheart" composed a song while wrongfylly imprisoned by Leopold Duke of Austria. The false imprisonment led to Leopold's excommunication.

  9. ICE held an American long enough he couldn't sue for false imprisonment due to statute of limitations

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In the 1980's police in Kern Country, California arrested and falsely imprisoned 36 people of peadofiles charges to make the local police force & newly elected Mayor look like they were doing a good job. - source

A 19th-century shoemaker named Pierre Picaud may have been the basis for the character The Count of Monte Cristo. In 1807, Picaud was engaged to marry a rich woman, but three jealous friends falsely accused him of being a spy and he was imprisoned for seven years. - source

Tyler Kost, a 19 year old imprisoned based on false rape accusations of 13 girls.

William Tricket Smith Sr, whose false testimony was used to prosecute Bud Dwyer, was previously imprisoned for bid rigging, disbarred, arrested for theft in 2010, later imprisoned for arson and then later imprisoned for planning an escape of his son who was convicted of murder. - source

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The creator of Kwanzaa is an American-born professor that was convicted of felonious assault and false imprisonment of two women

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making a false distress call in the United States is a federal crime carrying sanctions of up to six years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $250,000, and restitution to the Coast Guard.

Deirdre Rachid was falsely imprisoned for fraud in 1998. Protests were held outside the prison and the the matter was raised by the Prime Minister in parliament. Deirdre Rachid was a fictional character in a UK soap.

About a woman who was imprisoned for falsely accusing a man of rape, only to have the accused later confess to actually doing it after he was arrested for assaulting another woman

The creator of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga, served four years in prison for the false imprisonment and torture of two black women.

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