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When Republican senator, Jesse Helms submitted a 300 page packet to the Senate alleging Martin Luther King Jr. had ties to Communists in an effort to oppose establishing MLK Day, Democratic senator, Daniel Moyniham responded to the "packet of filth" by stomping on it in front of the Senate.

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Michael Jordan was once asked why he wouldn't endorse black democratic candidate Harvey Gantt in a North Carolina senate race, to which Michael Jordan responded, "Republicans buy shoes too".

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  1. During the Watergate investigation, the Nixon team offered to let a Democratic Senator listen to the 'Nixon tapes'. A Senator who was hard of hearing and on pain medication.

  2. Senator Mitch McConnell once filibustered his own bill because democrats agreed with it

  3. Former Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton's dying wish was for people to "Go forth in love and peace--be kind to dogs--and vote Democratic."

  4. The resolution passed in the House 416-0 and 88-2 in the Senate. The only Senators opposed were Wayne Morse of Oregon and Ernest Gruening of Alaska. Both Senators were Democrats.

  5. As with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the opposition in the House and Senate was more along geographic than party lines with both Republican and Democrat southern congressmen opposing the bill.

  6. Among the more interesting of the congressmen who were opposed to the bill were Senators Robert Byrd (D-WV), who became a mentor to the next generation of Democrat politicians, and Albert Gore Sr. (D-TN), who was the father of former vice president and senator, Al Gore.

  7. The Congress created the Electoral Commission on January 29, 1876 to settle the election: five members were from the Democrat majority House, five from the Republican majority Senate, and five members of the Supreme Court.

  8. Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada once choked out a man who offered him $12,000 to illegally approve his new casino games, while yelling "You son of a bitch, you tried to bribe me!"

  9. In 1957 Democratic senator Strom Thurmond filibustered for over 24 hours to stop the Civil Rights Act. He did this while secretly supporting a mixed-race daughter whom he fathered with a black maid in 1925. After a second Civil Rights Act passed he switched to the Republican party in 1964.

  10. A weird coincidence: All the serving US Senators and Congressmen killed during the 1860s were Republicans... and all those killed outside that decade were Democrats

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Pairwise Plots of Total, Democratic and Republican Party Cosponsors for 1,965 Senate Bills Introduced Between Jan 7, 2003 - Feb 14, 2019 - Data was obtained using Propublica Congre

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Comparing voting patterns between Democratic senators who were strong candidates in recent primaries

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In 2006, the U.S. Senate was one vote away from passing a constitutional amendment banning flag burning. 66 senators, Democrat and Republican alike, voted in favor of the resolution.

One week after the 9/11 attacks, Letters were mailed containing anthrax spores to several news media offices and to Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, killing 5 people and infecting 17 others. - source

A reason why US Senators are elected by public vote was a large brawl in the Indiana Assembly in 1887, where the lieutenant governor was beaten up, open fistfights raged, and over 600 Republican lawmakers dragged Democrats outside and threatened to kill them. The riot lasted over 4 hours. - source

While John.F.Kennedy was assassinated, his only son John Jr. who was the most popular Democrat in New York between 1996 to 1999 and was considering running for Senate in 2000; died of plane crash in 1999.

Chuck Norris endorsed Judge Roy Moore (R), the sexual predator who lost to Doug Jones (D), in a historic Alabama 2018 special election. A Democratic Senator had not been elected since 1990. - source

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In the 2000 United States Senate election in Missouri, Republican candidate John Ashcroft lost to Democratic candidate Mel Carnahan, who had died weeks prior to election day

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Adlai Stevenson's indictment of then-Senator Joseph McCarthy: "When demagoguery and deceit become a national political movement, we Americans are in trouble; not just Democrats, but all of us."

The 1974 New Hampshire Senate election was decided by just two votes in favor of the Republican candidate. A special election held the following August to resolve the dispute saw the Democratic candidate win by 28,000 votes.

During the 1998 US Senate election in Vermont Republican nominee Fred Tuttle openly endorsed his Democratic opponent

In 1980, retiring Republican Senator Milton Young was elected President pro tempore of the Senate by the lame duck Democratic controlled Senate for one day in honor of his years of service. He was in line for the position in the next Congress, but had chosen not to run for re-election.

In 2006, Ned Lamont won the Democratic primary election for US Senate in Connecticut, defeating then-incumbent Joe Lieberman. However, Lieberman then ran as an Independent and won the general, defeating both Lamont and the GOP candidate. Lamont is now Governor of Connecticut as of January 2019.

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The 1974 New Hampshire Senate election, first called for the Republican by 355 votes, then for the Democrat by 10 votes, then for the Republican again by just 2 votes (with 223,363 total votes). The Democrat won a subsequent special election.

Four prominent American Democratic politicians live[d?] together when Congress is in session. The group, which includes the Senate Minority Leader and Minority Whip, has a 'prevailing attire' of boxer shorts and argues over unmade beds and chores.

For two years the position of President Pro Tempore, de facto leader of the Senate, rotated every few days between 1 Democrat and 4 Republicans

Martin Sheen, who played President Bartlet on The West Wing, was asked by the Democratic Party to run for Senator in Ohio

In 1965 future Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Monahan reported that "The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States".

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US senate Democrat Robert Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan

In 2012 Mitch McConnell introduced a bill giving the president power adjust the debt ceiling, expecting democrats wouldn’t agree and the bill would be thrown out. When the democrats agreed, he was forced to filibuster himself to kill his own bill. A truly glorious moment in Senate history!

Universal basic income was supported by Milton Friedman, and a Universal Basic Income proposal was passed through Congress twice during the presidency of Richard Nixon, and it was shot down in the Senate by Democrats who thought the proposal wasn't high enough.

South Carolina's 2010 senate primary race winner was "unemployed, accused of a sex offense and living in his father's basement...had run no visible campaign...appeared at no Democratic events and couldn't even explain where he got the $10,400 needed to file as a candidate."

In the 1980 Democratic primary, Ted Kennedy only won 12 states and 35% of the delegates but wouldn't endorse or campaign for President Carter. In the election, the Democrats lost the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

The first general election presidential debate was held on September 26, 1960, between U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, and Vice President Richard Nixon, the Republican nominee, in Chicago at the studios of CBS's WBBM-TV.

Tom Metzger was a Grand Wizard of the KKK in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, he was registered with the Democratic Party and sought to be a Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives and Senate

In 1972, George McGovern picked then-senator Thomas Eagleton for VP but had to trade him in for Sargent Shriver after it was revealed that Eagleton had undergone electroshock treatments. (Since 1940, all Democratic vice presidential candidates have been senators except two.)

During World War II, Republican senator Robert Taft sought to restrict voting by soldiers and to censor books provided to them because of his fear that the soldiers would vote Democratic.

The presidential election of 1876 came down to the decision of a single man, David Davis. Democrats attempted to bribe him with a senate seat, which ironically handed the election to the Republicans.

Every U.S. Senator from Texas between 1846 and 1993, except one between 1870 and 1875, was a Democrat.

Peer-to-peer lending could be a rising solution to Democratic Senators refinancing act

Former Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy got away with murdering 28 year old Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969

In 1960 Senate Democrats passed a resolution against election-year Supreme Court recess appointments

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