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Robert Lincoln, Abe Lincoln's son, was in line at an elevated station platform. The train mistakenly moved causing him to fall through an opening, but he was pulled up just in time to be saved. The hero was Edwin Booth, brother of the man who went on to assassinate Abe Lincoln 1-2 years later.

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After watching the movie 'Lincoln' (2009) , a neurobiologist did some extra research and found out that the state of Mississippi had never officially banned slavery. The state then ratified the 13th amendment (which bans slavery) in 2013, 148 years after Abe Lincoln first introduced it.

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  1. Theodore Roosevelt as a child, watched Lincoln’s funeral procession pass by his house. His admiration for Abe was reinforced later in life when he met John Hay, who was Abe’s secretary. Hay gifted a ring that contained Lincoln’s hair to Teddy. Teddy then wore the ring on his inauguration day.

  2. Abe Lincoln patented a mechanism to lift boats over shoals and obstructions, making him the only US president to hold a patent.

  3. During Abraham Lincoln's campaign for the presidency, a Democrat named Valentine Tapley from Missouri, swore that he would never shave again if Abe were elected. Tapley kept his word and did not shave from 1860 until he died in 1910, attaining a length of twelve feet six inches.

  4. The Abe Lincoln is the only US President to register a patent - a device used to help boats over obstructions.

  5. The last words Abe Lincoln heard before being shot were "you sockdologizing old man-trap," from the play Our American Cousin. It was a punchline, and John Wilkes Booth timed his assassination for the laughter after the line.

  6. Abe Lincoln had a beard only for the last 5 years of his life

  7. The dog name "Fido" comes from Abe Lincoln's much-loved yellow mutt, stabbed to death after his master was killed.

  8. Thanksgiving didn't become a national holiday until 200 years after the first feast. Sarah Joseph Hale (the writer of "Mary Had a Little Lamb") wrote letters for 17 years campaigning to make it a holiday. Abe Lincoln finally obliged.

  9. Milton Bradley intended to be a lithographer and had success after he sold an image of Abe Lincoln. Lincoln later grew his distinctive beard and suddenly the prints were worthless. Soon after he dedicated himself to selling and creating board games

  10. US presidents pardon turkeys on Thanksgiving because of Abe Lincoln's son pleading not to kill a turkey on Thanksgiving.

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Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day

Abe Lincoln had a $5 Confederate Bill in his pocket on the night he was Shot - source

Abe Lincoln got the name 'honest Abe' because of his impartial judgement during cock fights - source

Abe Lincoln's body was exhumed, identified, and reburied in 1901 to quash rumors of body theft and to redo his tomb.

16 years after Abe Lincoln's assassination , Garfield was assassinated at a train station in Long Branch, NJ. Robert Lincoln, Abe's first son, was present for both killings. - source

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Abe lincoln ordered the largest mass hanging in US history.

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99% of the time SNL shoots backstage there is Abe Lincoln, a chorus girl and a llama.

Abe Lincoln received ZERO votes in NINE states in the 1860 election; and only won the election because of the splintering of slave-friendly voters

Robert Lincoln, Abe Lincoln's son, had his life saved by famous actor Edwin Booth, who, coincidentally was the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who killed Lincoln a year later.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that the family dog, Fala, would sometimes bark for no reason at what she felt was Abe Lincoln's ghost.

Abe Lincoln was kind of a segregationist. He supported sending freed slaves to Liberia, and that he was one of many abolitionists at the time who supported this idea.

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Some of the personal belongings found on Abe Lincoln after his assassination were a par of glasses, a pocket knife, a watch fob and of all things a confederate five dollar bill which he would end up being just years later.

Charles Darwin and Abe Lincoln had the same birthday, year and day.

Tom Hanks is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln. Abe’s mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln is a third cousin 4 times removed to Tom Hanks.

Abe Lincoln deciding to grow his beard out is what kickstarted the game company Milton Bradley's (Candy Land, Connect Four, Twister, Life,) career.

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