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U.S. President James Buchanan regularly bought slaves with his own money in Washington, D.C. and quietly freed them in Pennsylvania

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James Buchanan, the 15th US president, continuously bought slaves with his own money in order to free them.

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  1. There is strong belief that James Buchanan may have been the first gay President of the United States. Never married, Buchanan had a close relationship with another man for many years which he referred to as a "communion". Andrew Jackson once called the pair "Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy".

  2. America has very likely already had a gay president. James Buchanan was unmarried, lived with a man he called his companion, and wrote in his diary about wooing other men.

  3. James Buchanan Duke is credited as the inventor of the cigarette, made billions, and Duke University is named in his honor.

  4. US President James Buchanan never married. As a result his niece served as First Lady during his presidency.

  5. 15th president James Buchanan, the only bachelor president, is suspected to have been a homosexual. He had a very close male friend whom he lived with for a decade, fellow politician Rufus King. President Andrew Jackson nicknamed the two Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy.

  6. 15th U.S. President James Buchanan regularly bought slaves with his own money in order to free them.

  7. President James Buchanan regularly used to buy slaves in Washington, D.C. and quietly freed them in Pennsylvania

  8. James Buchanan was America's first (and only) bachelor President. His niece, Harriet, acted as First Lady

  9. The last Democrat elected to replace another Democrat as president was James Buchanan, in 1856.

  10. Bachelor President James Buchanan had a 10 year relationship with a man. Andrew Jackson noted the relationship by calling them "Miss Nancy" and "Aunt Fancy".

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James Buchanan, the 5th American President regularly bought slaves in order to free them.

Not all First Ladies of the USA have been wives of the President. Martha Jefferson was the daughter of President Thomas Jefferson, Angelica van Buren was the daughter in law of President Martin Van Buren and Harriet Lane was the niece of President James Buchanan. - source

Stanton was sworn in as Attorney General in President James Buchanan's cabinet on December 20, 1860.

The first transatlantic telegraphic message was sent on August 16, 1858. Queen Victoria's 98 words message to US President James Buchanan took sixteen hours to send. - source

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James Buchanan is the only US President to serve in the military not as an officer. He was a US Army Private during the War of 1812.

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The inauguration of James Buchanan of 1857 was the first inauguration ceremony known to be photographed. He touted the United States' history of taking new lands, stating that territories and holdings were taken peacefully, and enjoyed increased economic trade and prosperity

James Buchanan is rated the worst US President according to a C-SPAN survey of historians

The last time two Democrat Presidents were elected in a row was in 1857. James Buchanan was elected after Franklin Pierce. Since then, they have all succeeded each other by death or lost to a Republican.

Only one president has ever been divorced (Ronald Reagan), only one has been a bachelor (James Buchanan), and two were widowers who remarried in office (Woodrow Wilson and John Tyler)

The U.S. may have already elected it's first gay president in James Buchanan. Buchanan had a 15 year relationship with fellow politician William Rufus King and the couple were referred to as “Aunt Fancy” and “Miss Nancy” by Andrew Jackson.

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Former U.S. President James Buchanan was born in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania. He was the 15th U.S. President and served from 1857 until 1861.

James Buchanan is the only president with military experience who did not, at some point, serve as an officer.

The Civil War erupted 2 months after James Buchanan's presidency ended; he supported it.

President James Buchanan is believed to have been gay. He lived with William King, a future vice president for 10 years and called him Miss Nancy.In later years, Kat Thompson, the wife of a cabinet member, expressed her anxiety that "there was something unhealthy in the president's attitude"

There are seven presidents born in a log cabin: Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and James Abram Garfield.

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When James Buchanan took office as the 15th President of the United States, it was the only time in America history that the century-of-birth of a new President preceded the century-of-birth of his immediate predecessor.

James Buchanan, 15th president of the US, had a habit of tilting his head sideways as a result of one eye being nearsighted.

William Rufus King, former Vice President of the United States and suspected gay lover of President James Buchanan, co-founded and named the city of Selma, Alabama

If he had been elected president, Senator Lindsey Graham would have been the first bachelor president elected since James Buchanan in 1856.

James Buchanan, the only lifelong bachelor president, was best friends with William Rufus King, the Vice President for Franklin Pierce. The two had such an intimate and close relationship, speculations arose regarding his sexuality. Andrew Jackson called him "Miss Nancy" and "Aunt Fancy."

In President James Buchanan's inaugural speech, he promised not to run again.

Harriet Lane Johnston, niece to the bachelor president, James Buchanan, served as hostess for her uncle in the White House and was the first woman to be referred to as "First Lady".

The 15th President of the United States (James Buchanan was alive when George Washington was still in Office.

James Buchanan directly urged Supreme Court Justices to vote in the majority during the Dred Scott case.

The last (former) Secretary of State to win the U.S. Presidency was James Buchanan in 1856!

James Buchanan , the 15th President of the United States never married

The USA has likely already had its first gay president, James Buchanan

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