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The 10th U.S. President, John Tyler (b. 1790), has surviving grandchildren to this day. He had a son when he was 63, and that son had children at ages 71 and 75. Those grandchildren are now 89 and 93.

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Failed US President John Tyler, following his presidency, was nominated to the minor office of “Overseer of Roads” by local villagers in an effort to mock him. Much to their dismay, he took his job incredibly seriously despite his neighbors begging him to stop.

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  1. John Tyler the 10th President of the United States has two living grand-children. He was born in 1790.

  2. In 1825, John Quincy Adams was inaugurated on a book of law, not a Bible. The tradition of using a Bible was only documented for George Washington and presidents following Tyler.

  3. During the U.S. Civil War, former President John Tyler became a Confederate and was elected to serve in the Condeferate congress. He is the only U.S. President to not be mourned officially in Washington D.C. due to his being a Confederate supporter.

  4. The 10th U.S. President, John Tyler (b. 1790), has surviving grandchildren to this day. He had a son when he was 63, and that son had children at ages 71 and 75. Those grandchildren are now 89 and 93.

  5. Three generations of the 10th US President John Tyler's family from his 1790 birth to his still living grandsons have spanned parts of 4 centuries.

  6. John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States and born in 1790, has two living grandsons. Tyler had a son at age 65, and that son had children at age 71 and 74, both of which are alive today.

  7. Dolley Madison and President John Tyler were aboard the USS Princeton when a canon exploded and killed several people. Dollie and the president escaped unharmed.

  8. John Tyler is the only American president whose death was not recognized by the federal government. As a result, his casket was draped with a Confederate flag.

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Thanks to him, and subesquently his two sons becoming fathers very late in their lives, 10th President of the U.S.A. John Tyler has two grandsons still alive today. A man who died in 1862 has two currently living grandchildren.

John Tyler's presidency was not considered legitimate by his opponents who referred to him as "His Accidency", "Vice President", and "Acting President". - source

The last words of John Tyler (10th President) were "I am going. Perhaps it is best." - source

John Tyler, 10th President of the United States, was elected to the Confederate Congress. When he died he became the only President to be buried under the flag of a foreign nation.

John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, has a grandson who is still alive today - source

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10th President John Tyler (born 1790) has two living grandchildren. Tyler had a son at age 68 in 1853 and that son had two sons at age 69 and 73.

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After the death of President William Henry Harrison resulted in Vice-President John Tyler becoming President , many politicians did not believe he was a legitimate president. Many started referring to him as “His Accidency”

American President John Tyler was expelled from his own party(Whigs), after vetoing a bank bill and refusing to resign the presidency.

Former US President John Tyler was buried with full Confederate Honors when he died in Virginia during the Civil War--the only time the death of a US President was unacknowledged in D.C., and the only President buried under a foreign flag.

Eight U.S. Presidents were born in Virginia. George Washington was born in Westmoreland County; Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell; James Madison was born in Port Conway; James Monroe was born in Westmoreland County; William Harrison was born in Berkeley; John Tyler was born in Greenway; Zachary Taylor was born near Barboursville; Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton.

John Tyler is the only U.S. president ever laid to rest under a foreign flag.

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Only one president has ever been divorced (Ronald Reagan), only one has been a bachelor (James Buchanan), and two were widowers who remarried in office (Woodrow Wilson and John Tyler)

Former President John Tyler was elected to the Confederate Congress after the Civil War broke out, but died before he could serve.

President John Tyler had a record 4 Supreme Court nominees rejected by the Senate, in spite of the fact that his own party controlled it

According to professor John Tyler Bonner, slime molds are "no more than a bag of amoebae encased in a thin slime sheath, yet they manage to have various behaviours that are equal to those of animals who possess muscles and nerves with ganglia – that is, simple brains."

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10th US President John Tyler (born 1790), has presently surviving grandchildren. He had his first son at 63, who then had children at 71 and 73. The grandchildren are now 90 and 94.

The 25th Amendment lays out the rules for presidential succession. Prior to it being passed, four Presidents (John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Chester A. Arthur) simply never got vice presidents.

John Tyler, 10th president of the US, later swore allegiance to the Confederacy during the Civil War

The 10th President of the United States, John Tyler (Born 1790), had 15 Children with the youngest living until 1947. He also has two living grandchildren.

John Tyler, the 10th President of the U.S., Has Grandsons Alive Today

The Dorr Rebellion, an 1841-1842 rebellion in Rhode Island fought to extend the right to vote to non property-owning white males. There was only one fatality, a bystander killed by accident. Nobody outside the state, including President John Tyler, sent help or money.

Nearly 175 years later, president John Tyler (1790-1862) has 2 grandchildren who are still alive today. This is due to Tyler having kids very late in his life, and his son having kids very late in his life and these kids are now reaching 100 years of age today!

Some grandchildren of U.S. President John Tyler (1790-1862) are still alive. Tyler was the president 6 presidents before Lincoln.

John Tyler, 10th president of the US and born in 1790, has two living grandsons

The 25th Amendment of the US Constitution requires that there be a Vice President at all times. Before this, 18 US Presidents served a part of their term (in the case of John Tyler and Millard Fillmore, their whole term) without a Vice President.

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