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The Battle of Lake Poyang (1363), a naval battle that led to the fall of the Yuan dynasty, is claimed to be the largest naval battle in history in terms of personnel, with a reported 850,000 sailors involved. The Yuan dynasty was established by Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan.

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The earliest known Fiat Currency was used by the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368)

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  1. Mooncakes helped the Ming dynasty to overthrow the Yuan dynasty

  2. Tran Hung Dao - A Vietnamese general who beat the mighty Mongol Yuan dynasty of Kublai Khan, grandson of Ghengis Khan, not once but three times.

  3. To mark the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Manchu Dynasty in China, 5634 people in Taiwan married exactly on the 100th anniversary of the Revolution, at 10 minutes to 10 am on 10 October, 2011. In Wuhan, Chinese officials spent 43 million yuan in restoring three 1911 heritage sites

  4. From 1270 to 1356, Korea was ruled by the Yuan Dynasty, the Rulers of China During the Same Period

  5. During the Yuan Dynasty, the state religion of China was Tibetan Buddhism. Muslims and Jews faced significant discrimination, including a ban on kosher and halal foods.

  6. Kublia Khan of Yuan Dynasty had a passport with the writing "I am the emissary of the Khan. If you defy me, you die."

  7. The Yuan dynasty saw the First Mongol invasion of Burma and Second Mongol invasion of Burma. The Qing dynasty fought the Sino-Burmese War. British-ruled Burma agreed to keep on paying tribute to Qing China after the British conquest of all of Burma

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