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The Han Dynasty was founded by a sheriff who was transporting convicts when several escaped. Knowing the punishment for this was death, he freed the rest and organized many into a rebel band, eventually going on to help overthrow the ruling Qin Dynasty and install himself as Emperor.

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The Han dynasty of China drilled for natural gas, transported it in pipelines and gas containers and burned it in stoves ... in 200 BC

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  1. In early Vietnam, after a Chinese general assassinated a man suspected of creating a revolt, the mans wife and her sister created and headed an army of 80,000 to take back Vietnam from the Han Dynasty. They then established an independent Vietnam for 3 years as 2 ruling Queens.

  2. The Han Dynasty in China was aware of the existence of the Roman Empire, calling them Daqin or "great Qin". In 97 CE the Chinese attempted to send an envoy but he turned back after reaching a large "western sea", discouraged by the long and perilous journey it would take to reach Rome itself.

  3. The first working seismograph was invented in 132 AD by Zhang Heng. Able to detect earthquakes from hundreds of miles away and give a rough direction, the mechanical 'earthquake weathervane' allowed the Han dynasty to rush aid to areas devastated by natural disaster.

  4. Some of the most famous mummies discovered to date include Otzi the Iceman (a natural mummy from 3300 B.C. found in the Otzal Alps), Ginger (the earliest ancient Egyptian naturally mummified body), King Tutankhamun (ancient Egyptian pharaoh whose tomb was found in 1922 by Howard Carter), and Lady Dai (Xin Zhui), who was the wife of the Han Dynasty Marquis. She died in 178 to 145 BC.

  5. In China armillary spheres first appeared during the Han Dynasty, with one armillary sphere traced to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD - 220 AD) to an astronomer Zhang Heng.

  6. The War of the Three Kingdoms at the end of the Han Dynasty (China, 184-280 AD) caused 36-40 million deaths. In comparison, World War I caused 20 million.

  7. The first known mention of the game "rock paper scissors" dates back to the time of the Chinese Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), and early Japanese versions used "slug", "frog", and "snake" as the three possible choices.

  8. The earliest form of football, as acknowledged by Fifa, was played in ancient Han dynasty China and was called Cuju

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Khabarovsk, Russia, is only 30km from the Chinese border. Before 1860, this was a typical Chinese city, with more than 50% Han residents and it was once a regional capital during the Tang dynasty

Around 200 BCE, the Western Han Dynasty used a lottery to pay for repairs to and expansion of the Great Wall. - source

Negative numbers were first discussed in China during the Han dynasty; before then, answers involving negative numbers were considered absurd or false. Also, the plus sign was the indicator for a negative number in India about 1750 to 1000 years ago. - source

The population of the Han dynasty in China was already about 57,000,000 during 2 AD

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Soccer(football) was preceded by a similar game during the Han Dynasty of China and was called Tsu' Chu.

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Lady Dai, an almost 2200 year old Han Dynasty mummy. Discovered in 1971, she was so well preserved that her skin was still moist, her limbs still supple, and her blood type still identifiable, all despite having been deceased for over two millennia.

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