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Stone castles were very, very effective against the Mongols. They sustained heavy casualties trying, but were never able to take a single one in two invasions of Hungary.

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Genghis Khan killed an estimated 40 million people, resulting in a man-made climate change. The Mongol invasion effectively cooled the planet, scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

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  1. A Mongol ruler had "Who ever opens my tomb, shall unleash an invader more terrible than I" inscribed on his casket. On the day a Soviet anthropologist exhumed his body the largest military invasion in history was launched against the USSR.

  2. The Vietnamese once repelled a Mongol naval invasion of ~400 ships by filling a river with iron-tipped spikes and then luring the ships in at high tide. The fleet was trapped at low tide and overwhelmed by a Vietnamese ambush.

  3. When Soviet Archaeologists opened the Mongol conqueror Timor's tomb, they found a message on the inside saying ‘Whosoever Disturbs My Tomb Will Unleash an Invader More Terrible than I.' On that very same day, Nazi Germany commenced Operation Barbossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.

  4. The Japanese word "kamikaze," meaning "divine winds," was originally used to refer to the typhoon that all but completely destroyed the Mongol fleet (hastily built by their Chinese and Korean vassals), effectively preventing the second and last Mongol invasion of Japan, in 1281.

  5. After the first invasion of Hungary King Bela IV created a formula for defeating the Mongols: Fighting defensively in stone fortifications, using a large number of crossbowmen, and hoarding food to starve the invaders. These reforms were used to repel two additional invasions.

  6. The Kamikaze was the name for the winds that saved Japan from 2 Mongol invasions in the late 13th century.

  7. The Mongol invasion of Japan was stopped by a typhoon...twice.

  8. Despite being surprised by a 30,000 man army during the Mongols third invasion of Poland, the Polish were able to repel the Mongols and inflict heavy casualties

  9. Genghis Khan's Mongol Invasion killed so many people that it reduced the planet's carbon dioxide level by 700 million tons - enough to offset a year's worth of the world's gasoline demand today.

  10. The city of Samarra in Iraq was originally called "Sarr man ra"- "a joy for all who see" but after the mongol invasion was renamed to "Samarra" - "a sadness for all who see"

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The Sea of Japan once offered Japan protection from invasion by land from the Mongols because of its location.

The word "kamikaze" is a japanese term actually referring to two major typhoons that saved Japan from the Mongol invasions in 1274 and 1281. - source

About David Gareja, a 6th century Monastery which borders are disputed between Georgia and Azerbaijan. The complex has suffered Mongol invasions, as well as a massacre of the monks in 1615. It was used as a training ground for the Soviet military and is now a tourism and pilgrimage destination.

In 1292 the Mongolians launched a failed invasion of Java because a Javanese king branded the face and cut off the ears of a Mongol envoy - source

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A Vietnamese general beat the Mongols in three separate invasions of Vietnam. During the 3rd invasion, General Tran Hung Dao defeated a host of 300,000 Mongols.

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Genghis Khan killed an estimated 40 million people, resulting in a man-made climate change. The Mongol invasion effectively cooled the planet, scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

Kamikaze translates to 'divine wind' in Japanese. So 'kamikaze' was sacredly ascribed to the chance typhoons that luckily saved Japan from Mongol invasions twice - in 1274 AD and 1281 AD, when the winds wrecked havoc (both times) among Kublai Khan's massive fleet.

One of the last Mongol conquerors, Timur, issued a warning, "Whomsoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I." Soviet Archaeologists opened his tomb on June 19, 1941. Within a few days, Operation Barbarosa was launched and the German invasion of the Soviet Union began.

The Yuan dynasty saw the First Mongol invasion of Burma and Second Mongol invasion of Burma. The Qing dynasty fought the Sino-Burmese War. British-ruled Burma agreed to keep on paying tribute to Qing China after the British conquest of all of Burma

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