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Kublai Khan, although known as a warlord, promoted education & built over 20,000 public schools during his reign

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The Kublai Khan invaded Japan in 1274 with 33,000 troops but failed due to weather. Kublai Khan again invaded Japan in 1279 with 140,000 troops & made it 15 km away from the city of Fukuoka but again failed due to a typhoon. It was here the term kamikaze (divine wind) was born.

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  1. Kublai Khan had an international script created so his whole empire could communicate with each other

  2. Kublai Khan's mother was Christian - which featured heavily in his open mindedness to other cultures and religions

  3. When they decided to return to Venice after 17 years Kublai Khan was not happy. He didn"t stop them from leaving but asked them to escort a princess to Persia, where she was to marry a Persian Prince.

  4. Kublai Khan's summer palace was called Xanadu. Marco Polo called Xanadu ‘the greatest palace that ever was."

  5. Kublai Khan made Niccolo and Maffeo part of his court and liked Marco so much that he eventually made him governor of a Chinese city, a tax inspector and gave him a seat on his Privy Council.

  6. Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan, a great conqueror. Kublai Khan was the Mongol leader (when Niccolo and Marco's uncle made their first trip to China) and had asked Marco's father and uncle to petition the Pope to send 100 priests to Beijing.

  7. The Battle of Lake Poyang (1363), a naval battle that led to the fall of the Yuan dynasty, is claimed to be the largest naval battle in history in terms of personnel, with a reported 850,000 sailors involved. The Yuan dynasty was established by Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan.

  8. The title of Dalai Lama was originally bestowed by the Mongolian ruler Altan Khan. In return, the new Dalai Lama proclaimed him to be Kublai Khan's reincarnation, granting him legitimacy.

  9. Tran Hung Dao - A Vietnamese general who beat the mighty Mongol Yuan dynasty of Kublai Khan, grandson of Ghengis Khan, not once but three times.

  10. Kamikaze translates to 'divine wind' in Japanese. So 'kamikaze' was sacredly ascribed to the chance typhoons that luckily saved Japan from Mongol invasions twice - in 1274 AD and 1281 AD, when the winds wrecked havoc (both times) among Kublai Khan's massive fleet.

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John of Montecorvino was a missionary invited by Kublai Khan to convert thousands of Mongolians, who were all later thrown out by the new anti-Christian Chinese rulers.

Kublai Khan allowed Muslims and others to practice their religion within his empire, however circumcision was seen as a violent act against a child and strictly forbidden - source

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