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A web developer went viral after he Rickrolled Vine by breaking their 6 second limit by hacking their code and uploading an entire 3 minute version of Rick Astley's immortal classic - "Never Gonna Give You Up".

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A software developer outsourced his work to China paying someone else less than one fifth of his six-figure salary to do his job. He used the free time mostly to surf the web and watch cat videos.

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  1. Scientists developed a brain-computer interface that allow paralyzed patients to surf the web with just their thoughts

  2. In the 90s there existed an Internet Protocol called Gopher, developed by University of Minnesota, that was initially more popular than the World Wide Web, died out because University of Minnesota decided to charge fees to use the implementation of the Gopher server

  3. Web-spinners are pretending to be dead when they are threatened. When that strategy fails, they run in reverse as fast as possible. Web-spinners are able to run this way thanks to well developed leg muscles.

  4. Apple requires web developers to put the "Download on the App Store" badge before all other platform badges.

  5. The iPhone was never intended to support third-party apps. Developers were only allowed to create web apps that used Safari in order to show them.

  6. A spider species that's attracted to the smell of petroleum and has caused problems by weaving webs inside the canister vent of particular models of Mazda vehicles. Mazda issued a voluntary recall of Mazda 6 models to fit them with software which would alert drivers if problems developed.

  7. The Government is developing a search engine for the dark web called "MEMEX"

  8. William Bullock invented the web rotary printing press. Several years after its invention, his foot was crushed during the installation of a new machine in Philadelphia. The crushed foot developed gangrene and Bullock died during the amputation.

  9. The term "wiki" refers to any web application which allows collaborative modification, extension, or deletion of its content and structure. It derives from the Hawaiian term "wiki-wiki," meaning "quick." WikiWikiWeb was the world's first wiki, developed by Ward Cunningham in 1994.

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I developed a web app that lets you analyze your Telegram chat in the browser. The image shows over four years of chat with my girlfriend - the huge spike in messages was when we d

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see more news on gadget, sports , event, and web design & development services on

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Web Development With Wordpress | Class -2| Install Server | Mohiuddin Ro...

Web developer at YouTube optimised the video watch page so much that they started getting traffic from countries that wouldn't try otherwise. - source

Power Surge, for Firefox, is a little game created to help developers find slow JavaScript code in the game, and their own websites and Web apps. - source

Web Development With Wordpress | Class -2| Install Server | Mohiuddin Ro...

After Steve Jobs got fired from Apple in 1985 he created the company NeXT which developed the NeXT computer, which would then be used by Tim Berners-Lee to create the world's first web browser. - source

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The World Wide Web and the first AppStore were initially developed on a NeXT computer - the company Jobs started when he was ousted from Apple.

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UC Browser. A Chinese web browser (developed by Ali Baba) which is the 4th most used browser on the internet.

Heaven's Gate made money offering web development services under the name Higher Source.

About Robert McCool who developed Apache web server.

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