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Ikea is actually a Non-profit "dedicated to furthering the advancement of architecture and interior design"

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Architectural renderings of Hitler’s planned capital, Germania, in the interior detail drawing of the massive Great Dome, the combination of shapes and shadows in the alcove in which the Nazi eagle sculpture is located result in a subliminal portrait of Hitler...

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  1. Roman architecture brought in the ability to create very ornate and impressive interior spaces.

  2. Roman architecture made use of arches, vaulting, and concrete to enable interior space to be much larger in its buildings. Prior to this, ancient Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Etruscan architecture relied on heavy support on the interior of buildings which meant small rooms and limited design on the interior.

  3. This rock is used as architectural stones for paving stone, building stone, tiles, window sills, and interior building veneers.

  4. In 40 years of writing she wrote more than 40 books including non-fiction titles on the subjects of architecture, gardens, travel, and interior design.

  5. Roman architecture replaced the corbeled arch with the true arch which made it possible to create domes with expansive interiors.

  6. Art Nouveau, an international style of art, that was most popular between 1890 and 1910! It embraces a wide range of fine and decorative arts, including architecture, painting, graphic art, interior design, jewelry, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass art, and metal work.

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