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After the Make-A-Wish organization offered to fulfill a 6-year-old girl's request for a playhouse to be built at her home, the Home Owner's Association where the girl lived refused to allow the construction. Only after a world-wide outpouring of support for the girl's request did the HOA relent

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Gmail was launched on April 1,2004 and was widely assumed to be an April Fools' Day prank.They offered 1GB free storage in 2004 while other webmail services provided between 5MB - 50MB.

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  1. In 2009 a woman caused a riot at a Columbus, Ohio, Burlington Coat Factory after it became clear to customers, whom she had offered store-wide to purchase all orders up to $500 from her lottery winnings, that she had no money.

  2. Usain Bolt, the world's fastest sprinter, was asked to become a wide receiver in the NFL. However, he refused the offer, because he did not want the hits and concussions football players take.

  3. Between 2009 and 2017, a food delivery service channel was available on the Nintendo Wii. The channel was exclusive to Japan and offered a wide variety of foods provided by different food delivery companies.

  4. Three Israeli prisoners in Sweden rejected an offer to continue their sentence in Israel because the Swedish prison "resembled a five-star hotel". The prisoners had their own TV airing world cup games, a wide variety of food including steak and conjugal visits.

  5. The Cray-1 released in 1976, the first supercomputer to become widely known in popular culture, offered 80 MHz processing speed at a cost of $5-8 million. 33 years later, the iPhone 3GS offered 600 MHz processing for $700.

  6. In 1941 a man landed on top of Devils Tower via parachute and ended up being stranded for 6 days. It was widely publicized at the time. Advise and offers of assistance came from all over including Goodyear offering the use of their blimp

  7. The first McDonald's restaurant from the 1940s offered a wide range of food, including chilli tamales and barbecue. Many of these were removed in the coming years to maximize efficiency. The new menu revolved around the iconic burger and fries

  8. United Airlines offered an unlimited pass ticket for a short time in the 1980's for 250,000 dollars. The ticket was so widely abused that a man once took 16 round trips from London in a 25 day period

  9. Fordham University offers a class in Twi, a widely spoken language in Ghana and parts of the Bronx

  10. A restaurant in Jinan city China offers customers free food and beer - if they can enter the eatery by fitting through a gap that is only 15cm (5.9in) wide.

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