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The selling of human hair extensions is a multi-billion dollar industry, and this common practice means there are tons of rich girls walking around wearing poor girls' hair.

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There is a $900-million market for human hair. Women's hair is used for extensions, whereas shorter men's hair is reduced to the amino acid L-cystine, used as a leavening agent in baking

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  1. He made extensive studies of hair, skin and eye color and stated that there was no Aryan race.

  2. James McAvoy mistakenly shaved his head in preparation for X-Men:First Class and had to wear hair extensions as a result.

  3. There is basically a black market of hair throughout most of Asia, with hair extension sellers operating on a Don't Ask, Don't Tell basis.

  4. You are never supposed to plug a hair dryer into an extension cord because you could risk starting a fire.

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  6. There are beauty shops in China that commonly mix goat hair with human hair for extensions, wigs, and weaves.

  7. In 2016 a 55-year-old British grandmother took out a loan and traveled to Cyprus for IVF treatment when she was turned down by the NHS. She also gave herself Botox injections and treated herself to new hair extensions prior to giving birth to triplets.

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