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A "Devil's Garden" occurs in the Amazon Rainforest when certain ants remove competing flora and fauna and protect one specific tree and the tree in turn provides the ants with specialized hollow stems for nest sites which can host up to 3 million ants for 800 years

how special relativity makes magnets work?

There is a law in France stating that models have to provide a doctor's certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI)

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  1. Life in colony provides protection against predators. Prairie dogs use special kind of alarming call (which sounds like barking) to inform other members of the group about upcoming danger.

  2. Agoutis are equipped with sharp incisors that are able to crack the shell of Brazilian nut. Special layer of enamel provides extra strength that is required for breaking the hard shells.

  3. In Germany, sex workers get special training to serve the disabled, and a stipend is provided to disabled people to pay the sex worker

  4. Hydrochloric acid also provides an environment for a very special enzyme, called protease, to act. Protease chops up proteins (meat, fish, chicken, some plants) so your body can digest them easier.

  5. Triple-A (the ones who provide roadside assistance) is a special interest group. When it was founded it wanted the government to provide roads and highways suitable for automobiles. They continue to lobby on the behalf of motorists to this day.

  6. There are brothels in Japan which specialize in oral sex. These establishments skirt laws against prostitution by serving food, operating without showers or private rooms, and limiting the services provided to fellatio.

  7. There's an amusement park in Hyderabad called Snow World which offers an indoor snow play area and snowfall to Indians who have never seen such a thing. Special warm jackets and water proof shoes are provided.

  8. If you provide proof that you voted in Canada, girls and guys running a special campaign called "Sluts Against Harper" will send you custom nudes of themselves to encourage voting.

  9. Yucca moth is specialized for the pollination of yucca flowers. Females transfer pollen from one flower to another and at the same time lay eggs into the ovary. That way, larva will develop inside the seed pod that will provide enough food for the successful development of the moth (there will still remain enough seed to ensure successful propagation of the plant).

  10. Pythagoras (570-495 BC) is credited with his theorem, but there is no evidence of his mathematical proof. There is evidence the theorem pre-dates him. Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese mathematicians all discovered it independently and, in some cases, provided proofs for special cases.

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Fidget spinners have been found to benefit children with special needs. It turns out they provide a controlled distraction for children suffering from Autism, Asperger's and similar disorders. It's enough to where it can ease sensory overload episodes in a quiet and controlled way.

The main reforms of La Reforma included the Ley Lerdo (to abolish clerical and communal properties), Ley Juarez (to abolish the special courts for religious and military purposes), the Mexican Constitution of 1857 (to provide civil, political, and religious freedoms), and the Reform Laws (to declare complete separation of church and state).

Blind or visually-impaired contestants on Jeopardy! are accommodated by being provided the category names in Braille and by playing a special tone when it is safe for contestants to buzz in after a clue is read. - source

Amsterdam has a special ambulance service with animal EMTs trained in "animal first aid". It provides the transport of wounded or removal of deceased animals.

A big pharma company given special treatment by the FDA and praised by a mega-charity, sold drugs contaminated with broken glass, hair, knowingly provided watered-down and adulterated AIDS drugs for use in Africa, with a board member explaining: "“Who cares? It’s just blacks dying.” - source

When was special relativity published?

There is an professional investment designation for advisers who specialize in providing "biblically wise advice"

How special relativity works?

TALOS, a military suit that will provide bullet protection and give its wearer superhuman strength, is being conceived in part by Legacy Effects, the special effect maker who created the Iron Man suit

Rome is host to an annual conference on exorcism, to which Pope Francis has provided a special blessing.

There is an organisation in Sweden that promotes free public transport by encouraging people to fare-dodge. It provides advice on how to jump barriers and keep watch for ticket inspectors, and has a special fund to assist its members with paying penalty fares.

About Mr. AB, an extremely obese Scotsman who lost 276 lbs. by fasting for 382 days. He survived off of his fat stores and specialized vitamins and fluids provided by the supervising doctor. Five years after the experiment, he was still maintaining a healthy body weight.

Baby koalas eat a special substance called pap from their mother's anus, which provides them with the bacteria needed to digest eucalyptus safely.

When was special relativity proved?

Cole Hamels, Texas Rangers pitcher, and his wife Heidi, donated their 32,000 sq foot mega-mansion and 100 acres of land to the Camp Barnabas charity, organization that provides camps for children with special needs and chronic illnesses.

Participating AMC theaters provide sensory friendly film days for guests/families living with autism or other special needs

About "tegong" - "special supply", the system in China whereby the rich and politically connected are provided with a special supply of the safest and cleanest organic food that is never available to the general public.

Cats have spread to the world most likely on ships. Ancient Egyptians took them along to their boats on Nile, and foreign traders soon started to do the same. Cats not only provided an important pest control, but also a valuable companionship to homesick sailors, specially in times of war.

About DAZ 3D, a company specializing in providing rigged 3D human models and their articulated 3D female figure, Victoria.

How does special relativity work?

Majority of Chinese-made phones use 'Face Unlock' software provided by SenseTime, a Chinese AI startup that specializes in systems that analyze faces and images on an enormous scale

Ali Muhammed, an Egyptian double agent who infiltrated the CIA and US Army Special Forces in the 1980s. He also fought for the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, provided Al Qaeda with their first training materials, and likely helped planned the first WTC bombing in 1993.

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