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In 2010, a guy placed a $200 million stock exchange order that would pay off if the markets dropped. Automated trading programs overreacted, briefly crashing the markets by 10%. He then bought a bunch of stock cheap, profiting $40 million. He was identified and arrested in 2015.

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It is estimated that in the next 20 years 47 percent of jobs in the US labour market will vanish or be replaced by computers and automation - it is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it has already started.

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  1. 50% of Canadian jobs will be disrupted by automation in the next 10 years. Research indicates young people will need a portfolio of “human skills” to remain competitive and resilient in the labour market

  2. There are 10 small business technology trends for 2015: Mobile, cloud, and software automation (particularly of marketing) remain dominant forces at work.

  3. Researchers have estimated how much automation will affect the job market in 20 years and determined which careers have the least and most likely chance of being automated

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