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When Crystal Pepsi was released, Coca-Cola released a competitor called Tab Clear, however Tab Clear was intentionally marketed poorly in order to hurt Crystal Pepsi's image by product association. The "born to die" strategy was successful and both campaigns were dead 6 months later.

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The British Rock band Radiohead released their album "In Rainbows" under a pay what you want pricing strategy where customers could even download all their songs for free. In spite of the free option, many customers paid and they netted more profits because of this marketing strategy

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  1. Richard Dennis turned $400 into $200 million on the stock market. To prove wrong the people who said his fortune was due to luck, he picked up a group of people off the street with no previous experience and taught them how to trade. In 5 years, they made $175 million using his strategies.

  2. AOL's "carpet bombing" marketing strategy of sending millions of "Free AOL" CDs increased AOL's number of subscribers from 200,000 to over 22,000,000 in the 1990s.

  3. The 10,000 steps a day thing was actually made up as a Japanese marketing strategy in the 1960s

  4. Since 1977, the price of college textbooks as risen over 1041%. This was achieved through a combination of aggressive marketing strategies and by the fact that over 80% of the textbook industry is controlled by 5 publishers.

  5. Kleenex is the result of a marketing strategy to repurpose and sell surplus Cellucotton left over from WWI, which was developed and used for bandages and gas mask filters in lieu of cotton due to shortages.

  6. Muji, a Japanese household and consumer goods company, does not advertise or overtly label its products. Their "no-brand" strategy means that little money is spent on advertisement or classical marketing, and Muji's success is attributed to word of mouth.

  7. The Père Lachaise cemetery in France was so desperate for business in 1804 the administrators devised a marketing strategy to transfer Jean de La Fontaine and Molière’s remains to their cemetery. Soon, people were clamoring to be buried among famous people and their business quadrupled.

  8. Online retailers specially tailor their marketing strategies to attract drunk shoppers

  9. Brown beer bottles help prevent that "skunky" smell and green/clear bottles are used as a marketing strategy

  10. Radio broadcasts rose in popularity because they were a marketing strategy by Westinghouse in the 20's to sell more radios.

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