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The drink mix Tang wasn't created by or for NASA. It was introduced in 1957 but sold poorly until the U.S. space agency used it for John Glenn's 1962 Mercury mission. Tang was then marketed as what the astronauts drank, but Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin later said, "Tang sucks."

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Diamonds aren’t rare; their demand is a marketing invention. In 1938 De Beers hired an ad agency who arbitrarily decided that a diamond engagement ring is worth 1 month’s salary. It worked so well they increased it to 2 months’ salary. De Beers carefully restricts supply to keep the prices high.

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  1. Lingerie brand Cosabella replaced it's marketing agency with artificial intelligence, Albert. After three months with Albert, Cosabella saw a 336% increase in return on ad spend.

  2. A New York ad agency tried marketing laundry detergent to Arab consumers through the use of sequential pictures showing laundry being cleaned. However, the advertisers didn't realize Arabic was read from right to left and their ad actually depicted the detergent soiling the clothing after wash

  3. Ugly Models is a London-based alternative modelling agency that specialises in character modelling. Ugly was started in 1969 to fill a gap in the modeling market for interesting faces. They placed an advert in a newspaper saying "If you've got an interesting face contact Ugly".

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  5. The original iPod Touch commercial from 2007 was not originally made by Apple's marketing agency at the time, but rather by a College student from the University of Leeds. Nick Haley's commercial would be remade and aired on TV in 2007.

  6. Paypal shares your information with hundreds of third party agencies, for purposes such as: payment processing, fraud detection, debt collection, marketing research, voice recognition optimization, credit evaluation, identity document data extraction, targeted marketing, surveys and sweepstakes.

  7. Among those connected to the black market orphanage known as the Tennessee Children's Home Society are Joan Crawford and Ric Flair. Crawford adopted her twin daughters from the agency while Flair illegally taken from his birth mother at put up for adoption by them.

  8. The "" website was created by an advertising agency called Guerilla Marketing, which designs subversive hoaxes and creates weird art projects exploring pornography, politics, and advertising.

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