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Municipalities in Liechtenstein have the constitutional right to secede by majority vote, so in the smallest municipality of Planken (population 432), it would take only ~150 people to agree to form an entirely new country

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In 1784, a part of North Carolina seceded, called themselves Franklin, and petitioned to become the 14 the state in the USA. 7 of 13 states voted to accept them, but 9 votes were needed.

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  1. In the U.S. election of 1860, Lincoln, who won the election, did not even appear on the ballot in 10 Southern states. He won with only 40% of the popular vote. Southern states seceded in part because they felt they were not represented.

  2. In 2004 the Town of Killington, Vermont attempted to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire, despite being separated by 25 miles of other Vermont towns. The town twice voted to secede, but the State Legislature passed laws making their secession more expensive than remaining in Vermont.

  3. There used to be a mining town in California known as Rough and Ready. The town "seceded" from the Union in 1850 in order to avoid mining taxes and later voted themselves back into the Union the year after.

  4. The constitution of the principality of Liechtenstein (pop 37,000) allows municipalities to secede by majority vote

  5. In 2004 the town of Killington Vermont voted to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire, despite being 25 miles from the New Hampshire state line.

  6. Western Australia voted to secede in 1933. It was simply ignored.

  7. In 1993 65% of Staten Islanders voted to secede from New York City

  8. Launching anvils into the air with gunpowder was once a common substitute for celebratory fireworks. In one famous example, on the day the state of Texas voted to secede from the Union, a prominent Union supporter was held captive and forced to "fire the anvils" in the streets of Austin.

  9. South Jersey Once Voted to Secede from New Jersey

  10. A town in Upstate New York decided to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy during the Civil War. They voted to rejoin... in 1946.

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