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In 2004 the Town of Killington, Vermont attempted to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire, despite being separated by 25 miles of other Vermont towns. The town twice voted to secede, but the State Legislature passed laws making their secession more expensive than remaining in Vermont.

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In 1977, Martha's Vineyard attempted to secede from Massachusetts and become a part of Hawaii.

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  1. In 1934 Western Australia almost seceded from the rest of the country, in an attempt to form its own nation

  2. In 1961, a county in rural southwestern Missouri attempted to secede from the state and form an extralegal union with counties from neighboring Arkansas and Oklahoma when a state tourism map accidentally omitted one of its most popular resort destinations.

  3. Frestonia, a street in London where squatters attempted to secede from the UK after being faced with demolition. None of the buildings were demolished, and some original Frestonians still live there today.

  4. William Walker, an American who conquered Nicaragua, attempted to secede Sonora from Mexico twice, and fought in multiple duels in California.

  5. A country once attempted to secede from the US, initially winning the first battle against a cavalry unit but ultimately losing after being surrounded during a drunken celebration

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