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A candidate for mayor of New York in 1969 proposed seceding the city, becoming the 51st state, ban cars in Manhattan, build parking lots around the island with a monorail servicing them, give free bikes for all, and have 1 Sunday every month of mechanical transport shut down.

New Zealand has an unregistered party named the '51st State Party' that wishes to make New Zealand the '51st state' of the United States

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  1. There is a movement to create a 51st state of Jefferson. It would encompass parts of Northern California and Southern Oregon and would be nearly the size of West Virginia.

  2. The proposal to break off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern sections of Wisconsin to make the state of Superior (or North Michigan.) The movement to make it the "51st State" lasted until the 1970's.

  3. A county in Missouri tried to secede because they were left out of a tourist map in 1961. They created their own 51st state in conjunction with at least 2 bordering counties and even had a mock war with local counties. The battle ended when a man got burned from an old musket blast.

  4. British Prime Minister Harold Wilson discussed with President Lyndon B. Johnson the idea of Britain becoming the 51st US state after France vetoed the UK from joining the Common Market.

  5. 27 counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon have made "official declarations" to form a new 51st state named Jefferson

  6. Puerto Rico held a referendum 3 years ago asking whether or not they wanted to become the 51st US state. 45% of Puerto Ricans were not in favour.

  7. There is a political party in Quebec that supports leaving Canada and annexation by America to become it's 51st state.

  8. Eight northern Colorado counties united in opposition to the state’s new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations in 2013 considered forming a 51st U.S. state called North Colorado.

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