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Ben Stiller came up with the idea for "Tropic Thunder" while working on the set of Steven Spielberg's WW2 drama "Empire of the Sun" and seeing actors come back from "fake" Army boot camp and treating it like a real war experience.

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Owen Wilson attempted suicide in 2007, which led to Matthew McConaughey taking his role in the film 'Tropic Thunder'

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  1. Tom Cruise himself actually created the character (and the dance) for Les Grossman, suggesting "What about some greedy pig studio executive who really represents the gross part of Hollywood?” because of how much he enjoyed the script of Tropic Thunder and wanted to be in the movie.

  2. Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder -- the character he plays is an overly pretentious method actor who only takes roles that will potentially win Oscars.

  3. Owen Wilson was replaced by Matthew McConaughey in Tropic Thunder after Wilson's trouble with major depression

  4. Owen Wilson attempted suicide and was subsequently treated for depression. A few days after his hospitalization, Wilson withdrew from his role in Tropic Thunder. He was replaced by Matthew McConaughey.

  5. Matthew McConaughey replaced Owen Wilson in 'Tropic Thunder' after Wilson's battle with depression and attempt at suicide by overdosing and slitting his wrists

  6. Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as an actor playing a black actor in Tropic Thunder

  7. In Tropic Thunder, Kirk Lazarus says "I don't drop character til I done the DVD commentary." Robert Downey Jr. remains in character while filming the commentary for the actual DVD.

  8. Unknown to any cast and crew, the Water Buffalo Jack Black's character rides in Tropic Thunder was pregnant during filming. It gave birth during production and was named "Little Jack".

  9. Robert Downey Jr. received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his character in "Tropic Thunder"

  10. At the age of 21 Ben Stiller made a cameo in the 1987 World War II drama Empire of the Sun. While on set, he came up with the idea for the film Tropic Thunder

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In the movie Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller originally wanted Keanu Reeves to play the part of Tug Speedman, while he intended to take the role of Rick Peck, that Matthew McConoughey ended up playing.

Ben Stiller wrote TROPIC THUNDER -- about self-important actors getting lost in a war movie set in Asia -- while acting in Spielberg's EMPIRE OF THE SUN -- a war movie set in Asia. - source

Typhoons are a type of storm that includes strong wind, rain, and thunder. Typhoons occur in the Pacific Ocean's northwest region, These storms are also referred to as tropical cyclones.

In Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr's character states, "I don't drop character till I done a DVD commentary." During the commentary for the movie, he remains in character.

Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston's husband and lead in HBO's The Leftovers, wrote the screenplay for Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, Rock of Ages, and Zoolander 2. - source

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Ben Stiller originally wanted Keanu Reeves to play the part of Tugg Speedman in the movie Tropic Thunder, while wanting to cast himself as Tugg’s agent, Rick Peck

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Robert Downey Jr. stays in character while doing the commentary for Tropic Thunder

In 2008, Robert Downey Jr, for a role he performed in Blackface in Tropic Thunder, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars, the Golden Globes and many other awards.

Robert Downey, Jr. was nominated for the academy award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Tropic Thunder.

Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder is based on Harvey Weinstein

Robert Downey Jr. was almost kicked out of the Marvel Franchise after his performance in Tropic Thunder was negatively received by Marvel executives.

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There is an actual "Scorcher" action-disaster film that was released in 2002 sharing the same name as the fictional films parodied by Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) in 2008’s “Tropic Thunder”

Owen Wilson was supposed to Co-Star in Tropic Thunder with Keanu Reeves and Mos Def. But things changed due to his suicide attempt in 2007

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