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When Robert Downey Jr was eight, his father offered him drugs, which led him to a long life of substance and alcohol abuse. RDJ credits Mel Gibson with helping him get sober and narcotic free.

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It was only after Mel Gibson personally underwrote Robert Downey Jr's liability insurance that his career took off again

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  1. Robert Downey Jr. was able to return to the big screen after his drug addicted past because Mel Gibson paid his insurance bond for the 2003 film The Singing Detective after no one else would insure him on a movie set.

  2. Mel Gibson advised Heath Ledger not to accept the role in Brokeback Mountain because it would "ruin his career," and then stopped talking to him after he accepted the part.

  3. Mel Gibson made more than $395 million from “The Passion of The Christ”, an epic biblical film he self-financed by $30 million.

  4. Mel Gibson removed a scene from the film Hacksaw Ridge, in which Desmond Doss saved 75 Americans on a battlefield. The real Doss gave up his stretcher for another wounded man, was shot by a sniper, then crawled 300 yards to safety. Gibson felt the audience wouldn't find the scene believable.

  5. Mel Gibson was mugged before an audition. His bruises and black eyes led to him getting the main role in Mad Max.

  6. Hutton Gibson, father of critically acclaimed actor Mel Gibson, is a Jeopardy champion and Holocaust denier. He also believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories and rejects the Second Vatican Council because it is "a Masonic plot backed by the Jews".

  7. Hutton Gibson, father of critically acclaimed actor Mel Gibson, is a Jeopardy champion and Holocaust denier. He also believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories and rejects the Second Vatican Council because it is "a Masonic plot backed by the Jews".

  8. Mel Gibson has been quietly supporting an organization that helps Holocaust survivors for years

  9. Mel Gibson got his breakout role as Max in "Mad Max" ...because he got beaten up in a drunken bar brawl the night before going to the set

  10. As a director, Mel Gibson sometimes breaks the tension on set by having his actors perform serious scenes while wearing a red clown nose.

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Despite its all dialogues being in a modern approximation of the ancient language Apocalypto has been nominated for Golden Globes as a Best Foreign Language film. In fact Mel Gibson used Yucatec Maya language during the film.

A statue of William Wallace that was removed from Stirling after complaints of its likeness to Mel Gibson - source

In 1985 Tina Turner starred alongside Mel Gibson in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Two songs she recorded for the movie - We Don"t Need Another Hero and One for the Living, became hits and Tina won a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

A William Wallace piece with Mel Gibson's likeness was placed near the Wallace Monument in Scotland. People hated it so much they continuously defaced it until they built a fence around it, and eventually had to remove it. - source

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Mel Gibson said of the movie The Million Dollar Hotel "I thought it was as boring as a dog's ass." he later said "God, why did I say that? I'm an idiot! I produced this film. I'm distributing it!... I really regret saying that. I have written a lot of apology letters about it."

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Michael Caine, Mel Gibson, Sean Bean, Jackie Chan, Adam West, Henry Cavill, Burt Reynolds, Jim Carry, Clive Owen and Liam Neeson were all considered for the role of James Bond.

"Apocalypto", Mel Gibson's gritty adventure movie about Mayans, was distributed by Disney.

Stephen Spielberg asked Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood to join him in making a cameo in "Casper". They agreed, however Speilberg's cameo was cut from the film due to his weak performance.

Mel Gibson was supposed to be a part of the Hangover 2, but was fired after protests from Zach Galifianakis, because Mel Gibson had been rumored to be abusing his spouse at the time

Mel Gibson signed on for a role in Hangover 2 but was immediately dismissed after the cast protested his involvement. Curiously, they had no issue continuing working with convicted-rapist Mike Tyson.

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As a director, Mel Gibson would sometimes relieve pressure on the set by mooning the cast and crew.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops strongly recommended Mel Gibson rewrite The Passion of the Christ, calling it "one of the most troublesome texts, relative to anti-Semitic potential, that any of us had seen in twenty-five years"

A statue in Scotland of William Wallace bearing Mel Gibson's face was vandalized so many times it had to be removed.

2000 film The Million Dollar Hotel produced by Bono with a soundtrack by U2, but a major flop. Star Mel Gibson didn't help when, tired after a long day of interviews, said "I thought it was as boring as a dog's ass"

Frequent director of Shakespeare adaptations Franco Zeffirelli cast Mel Gibson as Hamlet after seeing his grief-stricken character nearly commit suicide in the original Lethal Weapon

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Mel GIbson lost $425 million in his 2011 divorce.

Mel Gibson Auditioned for the Role of Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List

Mel Gibson is credited by Robert Downey Jr for sobering him up and saving his career.

Mel Gibson tried to found his own branch of the Catholic Church

Mel Gibson wanted to play Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List.

Mel Gibson once had an Austalian accent. He was born in New York but moved to Austalia as a child, returning to America in the 90's.

Development of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' began mid 1990's, halted by the 9/11 attacks and Mel Gibson was originally cast but he lost interest.

Robert Downey Jr. had his career saved by Mel Gibson, and made a moving speech to return the favor.

Mel Gibsons ex Oksana Grigorieva turned down 15 mill, tried to clean him out, got awarded 750k - reduced to 250k when she broke a NDA by talking about him on Howard Stern. She's now bankrupt and owes her legal team 100k

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Robert Redford, George Lucas, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Jim Carrey, Michael Keaton, Carrie Fisher, Denzel Washington, George Clooney and Al Pacino all don't have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Mel Gibson once planned to direct a remake of Fahrenheit 451.

3 out of the top 6 "Historically inaccurate movies" were directed by Mel Gibson (7-10 won't load).

Waldo appears in a shot of Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto'

A bearded, grinning Mel Gibson made an accidental cameo in the teaser trailer for Apocalypto

Robert Downey Jr (who is part Jewish) asked Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson in 2011 at the American Cinematheque Award ceremony.

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