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50 beavers were introduced into Tierra del Fuego in the 1940s to help start a fur trade. There are now over 100,000, and they have devastated over 16 million hectares.

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When the tribes of Tierra del Fuego were faced with the prospect of starvation during harsh winters, the tribe would strangle its oldest woman. She would then be eaten by her relatives with "no portion being rejected".

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  1. The Yaghan people adapted to their very cold climate by having significantly higher metabolisms than other humans (average body temperatures 1 degree warmer than Europeans). They routinely went bare naked in the frigid cold of the far southern region of Tierra del Fuego.

  2. On October 21st, 1520 Magellan found the passage he had been searching for. It separates Tierra del Fuego from the southern tip of South America. It is a curvy narrow channel that was named after the explorer. It is called the Strait of Magellan.

  3. The Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago divided between Argentina and Chile in the sea.

  4. The Selk'nam, the indigenous people of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. In the mid-19th century, cattle breeders and fortune seekers hunted down and killed thousands of Selk'nam, reducing their numbers from 4000 to about 100 by the 1930's.

  5. there's a bay in Tierra del Fuego called "Bahía Inútil" or "Useless Bay" because it provides "neither anchorage nor shelter, nor any other advantage for the navigator".

  6. About "Jemmy Button" of the Yaghan people, who was a companion of Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle. "Button" had been taken hostage along with three others during the Beagle's first voyage and was brought to England, so he was returning home to Tierra del Fuego on the Beagle's second voyage.

  7. In 1946 Chile & Argentina brought 50 beaver to Tierra del Fuego as a potential source of fur. With no natural predators there are now over 200,000. Indigenous trees do not regenerate nor are adapted to the flooding beaver cause, and over 16,000,000 ha are under threat of destruction.

  8. Paul Salopek, a journalist who is undertaking the Out of Eden Walk, from Ethiopia to Tierra del Fuego in South America.

  9. North American Beavers are destroying Tierra del Fuego

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